sunset at Hangang

Why I Miss Korea <3

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. This is definitely true of me and Korea. Having visited Korea quite regularly these last few years, I may not be able to make it back this year. It struck a pang in my heart that I would miss out on being out there rather than…

sand boarding, perth

Wonderful Misadventures of October

This October has been a wonderful, carefree month away from work. It was a time for myself, to travel and to explore.Β It has also been the most eventful trips ever for me. Things just kept happening that kept me on my toes. My trips are usually pretty boring, though. Oh well, ok…mostly. πŸ˜‰Β I like to…

camera museum in penang

Why October is my Happiest Month

October has been such a happening month for me so far! At the beginning of the month, I visited Seoul (Korea) briefly before heading over to Penang (Malaysia) for a gastronomical food adventure which unfortunately led to radio silence online since my return last week because I was sick. Sad to say, Penang was such…


Stairs in Seoul – The Bane of my Existence

Looks like stairs continue to be the bane of my existence. I’m lying in bed in my hostel in Seoul, typing this out with all my energy sapped by the long and tiring day I’ve had. The red-eye flight to Seoul that I took left me cranky and tired from the lack of sleep and…


Sunset Walk to Banpo Bridge (Rainbow Bridge) in Seoul

One of the first things I learnt about travelling is that you should always expect the unexpected. Plans will go wrong, you will deviate from your travel itinerary, you can get disappointed over some experiences. Heading out to the Banpo Bridge in Seoul or more popularly known as Rainbow Bridge for its colored fountain show,…

cat cafe

How I Ended Up at a Cat Cafe in Seoul

It was never my intention to visit a cat cafe. In fact, I had absolutely no interest in visiting one. Mainly because I was traumatised by a bad cat experience when I was young – my parents love to have that story retold to people over and over again. It has taken me this long…

vegetables and meat in seoul

Picky Eating Not Allowed when Travelling

When I ordered a set of bulgogi in Seoul, the least I expected was to have a huge tray delivered to my table. The tray was filled with delicious food, a steaming hotplate of meat, grilled fish, rice, seaweed soup and 6 other side dishes. Yep, there were 6 in all. It felt like a…


Shopping in Seoul – My Favourite Haunts!

I smell summer in the air! That’s Seoul calling me…allllll the way here from Singapore. If there’s one thing that defines summer in Seoul for me, it’s the fact that I spend so much more time shopping in summer than during any other seasons. Money just keeps draining away!! To me, shopping there in summer…


Obsessed Over Milk Tea when Travelling

M is for milk!! Milk tea to be precise. My friends have called me crazy, they’ve called me obsessed. Something that I always, always look out for whenever I travel is milk tea. Is it my sweet tooth? Quite possibly. The first thing I wanted to try in Hong Kong was not its famous dim…


Self-Entertainment in the Dark

I’m in bed listening to the rain and thunder outside, with no sense of urgency to ever get out of bed on a Sunday. Isn’t that the best feeling in the world? It does brings me back to a time in Seoul when I had nothing to do or rather when I couldn’t do anything…