Why October is my Happiest Month

street art in penang

October has been such a happening month for me so far!

At the beginning of the month, I visited Seoul (Korea) briefly before heading over to Penang (Malaysia) for a gastronomical food adventure which unfortunately led to radio silence online since my return last week because I was sick.

Sad to say, Penang was such an eventful trip, I would never have expected it from such a short getaway. So much to tell, you guys!!

BUT!! You will have to be a little bit more patient because…I’m flying off to Perth (Australia) this Friday for the next 10 days.

So I may be a bit slow to catch up with all of your posts as I was offline since last week but I am excited to catch up soon!

P/S: Hit me up on twitter or instagram or even here if you have any suggestions for Perth or *desperate pitch here* willing to drive me around to Margaret River area…I’m still trying to scheme my way there despite not having any kind of licence..hehehe…:D

This trip will be solo for me so feel free to meet up too if you happen to be around…just know that if I happen to be talking too much and too fast with you, I’m just nervous about first meetings…>.<

See you guys! I have a date with the dolphins!!! XOXO

camera museum in penang

25 thoughts on “Why October is my Happiest Month

    • Thanks! And yeah, it was no fun being sick right after a trip or it actually started on my last day there so yup, this is another story to tell…😂


  1. Good luck in Perth. October is awesome in my opinion but the weather here has been rotten lately. Hopefully the rain won’t ruin the leaves changing next week. Looking forward to reading up on your adventures down under. Cheers!

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    • Aww, really? I hear that autumn weather is usually the best too so hopefully it gets better soon for you to catch all those beautiful changing colors…will catch up after I come back…cheers! 😄


  2. Shaaaaa now that Im back you are leaving again hahahaha OMG!!! I hope you have fun in Australia and I we do have to catch up, I have some news for you… I can only say that it might be that we finally meet in person next year 😀
    Anyways, have fun and safe travels!! ❤


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