Wonderful Misadventures of October

This October has been a wonderful, carefree month away from work. It was a time for myself, to travel and to explore. It has also been the most eventful trips ever for me. Things just kept happening that kept me on my toes. My trips are usually pretty boring, though. Oh well, ok…mostly. 😉 I like to think of these as my misadventures instead.

So in summary,

Heavy rain followed me throughout the month, from Seoul in Korea to Perth in Australia. I don’t usually like rain when I travel because it disrupts all my travel plans. It’s also hard to take good photos in such gloomy weather. Don’t you hate it when this happens?

Gwanghwamun Square, Seoul

At Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul, trying to take a photo in the rain

My travel partner ended up staying at a different hostel from me because the hostel that I had booked her for was full.I can learn from this actually, my bad for not confirming again before arrival. On the other hand, I now have a new awesome hostel to try out the next time I’m visiting Seoul. I was so impressed by her hostel I got jealous and moved in with her instead!

Overindulged on the streets of Penang (on food!) and ended up getting sick from all the eating when I returned. Ok, ok, I was a glutton in Penang. And I reaped the consequences for it. Oh, but it was all sooo delicious…:)

food in penang

Food, glorious street food in Penang

Waited the whole day for a night flight only to find out 2 hours before (supposed) departure time that flight was cancelled. This was the most frustrating thing to deal with when travelling. This rant requires a whole new post, or two or maybe three. Brace yourself, guys.

Forgot sunblock in Penang and ended up tanner than expected. I don’t have a habit of putting on sunblock when in Singapore and Malaysia so this caught me off guard.

Fell sick in Perth because of the cold and windy weather. What is it with these bad weather that kept following me? And when it was not raining, it was so windy that the temperature dropped. The irony of it was, people in Perth kept telling me that it was hot and sunny every day before I arrived.

Sprained my ankle quite badly halfway through my trip in Perth. I will never again underestimate any sprains or aches on my travels. It was really really bad…but…I still went on anyway, limping around on my own. My ankle is better now but it is still slightly sensitive, 3 weeks after it happened.

sand boarding, perth

Yup, I still climbed all the way up, sprain and all.

Remembered sunblock but still got sunburned when in Perth. What can I say? I didn’t expect this one either. Since I was quite tanned from my Penang trip, I didn’t realise it was that bad until I started peeling.

Had the most embarrassing moment ever in my whole travel adventures when I was in Perth. It’s the kind where you just want to bury your face in the sand and have someone write ‘I’m an idiot’ above it. Le sigh.

Anyway, it was an awesomely fun and adventurous month. I’m slowly taking time to recover from all my adventures or rather misadventures of the month.

Have you ever had any memorable misadventures on your trip? Or taken a long time to recuperate from a long trip? Do share along below! 😉

43 thoughts on “Wonderful Misadventures of October

  1. I never had anything too bad yet when traveling except once. During my first time in Xi’an I went to ride by bicycle on the city wall, the problem was that it rained for two days prior to it and this meant one thing: all smog was gone so the sun just burned down. By the end of the day I had arms, neck, knees and face burned like a lobster!


    • Hahaha…ok, oops, I shouldn’t be laughing at another’s misery but I can imagine you red all over! Haha..that must hurt pretty bad in the aftermath though..poor you!


    • I’m torn between keeping it buried in my book of idiotic shame for all time.. and.. airing my idiotic shame for all to laugh at…what a dilemna…but I’m sure you’ll hear about it eventually. ..I never can keep my mouth shut when it comes to stories like these..😆

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  2. I don’t want to say too much because all the details are in the book I am currently writing, but it took me a week to get to Taiwan. So you can imagine how I can totally relate to many misadventures!

    And being sunburned – well, they is the story of my life. I have very fair skin and I recall two or three incidents when I got sunburned so bad that I had blisters all over my face and chest. And then it all began to peel – I looked like someone with a major skin disease.

    Happy to see you back blogging and I look forward to reading about all your adventures and misadventures during the month of October!


    • A week! Gosh! I can just imagine the worst things happening. And a book! Wow, so much happening in the month I was away! 😞 Will catch up soon on that…😘

      And yes, my sunburnt caught me off guard cos I only realised it when I started peeling and by then, it was not pleasant to see nor pleasant to be enduring it..yours must be pretty bad for me to be visualing that skin disease…hehehe..😄

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  3. Sounds like a memorable trip! What a bummer that you sprained your ankle. I had a couple close calls in the Philippines. I had my really heavy, huge backpack on and I didn’t notice the curb. I tripped and with the weight of my backpack I fell flat on the floor in front of a ton of people, skinned my knew and rolled my ankle. Luckily I didn’t sprain it! But the whole thing was seriously embarrassing. Believe it or not, this exact same instance occurred twice during my trip to the Philippines!


    • Oh my gosh! That is 1) painful to go through again and again 2) totally agree on the embarrassing part..but thank goodness you didn’t sprain your ankle after all. I’m finding out what a pain it is to have a real bad one (pun intended)..hehe..😆


    • Right?! I did follow your malaria posts, I would take a bad sprain anytime over that! But yeah, locals there were telling me the weather was weird..I was totally not prepared for cold winds and rain cos my whole luggage was full of summer..hehe..😆


  4. Ok, so the food in Penang is totally amazing, so I’m not surprised your gorged! And I hate to tell you this Sha, but it hasn’t really rained since we met in Seoul. Haha. Now you can’t NOT tell us about your “most embarrassing” travel moment… or is this a post all by itself? 😉

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  5. 😀 I smile a lot when reading your post – how you put the misadventures to memorable travel moments that fun to read 😉 Now, one of my memorable misadventures was when I was in Kalimantan (Borneo), Indonesian part – we stayed in a hut inside of a rain-forest jungle, it was very hot, I was sweating a lot!! (and I am not easily sweating!) – I could not sleep well during my stays in the jungle. During the day trip around the jungle to search for the wild orangutans and monkeys, our guide kept warning us of snakes and scorpions – due to his warnings I kept looking down to ensure I did not step on snakes or any weird reptiles..then I missed some orangutans moments due to that!


    • Aww, that’s too bad. Given how frequent I travel, I consider myself lucky I do not have anything against flying other than being stuck in the air for hours! And thank you! I wish my ankle would fully recover soon too! I’m an impatient patient…haha…:)


  6. At least you can look back and laugh! Misadventures make great stories! If it makes you feel better, I tripped over my own maxi dress on my honeymoon in Bora Bora and 3 girls laughed rather loudly at me. Not my finest moment! 😛

    Beautiful photos! I am a new follower and I can’t wait to read about more adventures in the future.

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    • Oh gosh, so sorry for this late reply and thank you for the comment! 🙂 Misadventures always are fun to reminisce over and I have a funny story where I laughed at my mum’s “misadventure” too…and we were literally rolling on the floor because of it…thanks for sharing too!! 🙂

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  7. Sounds like quite an October! Rain can spoil most holiday Kodak moment, but I don’t mind the slightly overcast days, as the light is usually perfect for taking photos. Now I’m curious: What happened in Perth?

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