Entertaining Myself with a Pelican’s Help

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it was a pelican to be exact. A stray pelican who innocently and unknowingly sealed its fate when it chose to feast close to shore. Will it be a disaster for recipe?

Well, I would say that it was a perfectly (very) sunny and beautiful day in Fremantle, Perth, Australia. The sun is shining, the sand is glistening, how can you not be tempted to sit on the beach on a day like this? Of course, with thoughts of sunburn and cancer running through my head, I abandon my hope of taking a dip in the water and choose to hide under my umbrella and cover ever single spot exposed with as much clothing as I could. I definitely stood out amongst all those sunbathers around me, just me and my umbrella on the beach.

I sit and entertain myself by watching the people around me but hey, someone else decided to crash the party at the beach.

Bathers' Beach, Fremantle, Perth

Single pelican spotted!

As the pelican got closer and closer to shore, people started to notice. More people came down to take a look and to take photos. Once the pelican staked a spot on the sand, even more fans turned up to pay it homage.

fremantle beach, perth

A moment of solitude thinking of fish?

Obviously, the pelican couldn’t be bothered less but maybe it thought it will be less conspicuous by keeping still.

Nope, the adoring fans were still gathering aplenty.

Ok, patience have been sorely tempted, looks like the show’s over.

pelican on beach

Indeed, a different kind of people watching for me this time round. Not too bad for my own entertainment.

18 thoughts on “Entertaining Myself with a Pelican’s Help

    • Hahaha, maybe they are too friendly in Australia, this one seemed used to people since it came to shore but it did seem focused more on finding fish the whole time though…haha…πŸ˜„


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