Happy Birthday…To ME!!!


It’s past midnight, I have officially entered my last year of twenties. Next year marks my first brand new year in my thirties.

If asked about regrets, I would have said plenty. However, the journey to reach this far has been marked by ups and downs and much personal growth, in my own thinking as well as my future aspirations. When I first graduated from university, I had no idea what to do with my life other than I have to get a job as I have loans and obligations to pay off. As I move from job to job, a sense of restlessness started to creep in. As each year passed, it was only in my current job that it dawned upon me – I had no sense of direction. I had no idea where I was going in my life. I was simply following expectations in every step of my life.

Which brings me to this blog here. And why I feel it’s important that I live life to my fullest potential. As I’ve recently discovered, this means sharing my passion for travel with others. Doing this marks a new direction that I am taking. I’m forcing myself out of my comfort zone and my next step is to do a 3 month solo trip to Europe next year.

Thus, my 29th year is starting off on a new direction and laying down the groundwork for a new change in the following year. One that I hope will turn out for the better and I look forward to spending my 30th with new discoveries in Europe. How exciting!

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