That Feeling of Home that I Sometimes Miss

So I have been travelling to quite a few places since the past few years. Sometimes I travel on my own and sometimes with friends. Sometimes I go for short trips and sometimes I travel for a few weeks. When I have been travelling for long periods, homesickness sets in. I miss home. I miss my parents. I miss home cooked food. I miss eating food that I know and recognize, I miss being able to talk casually.


The feeling of home that I miss the most? When I have been away for such a long period?

…is MY BED….

Sorry mummy, it’s not that I don’t miss you, I do. When I do, I pick up the phone and skype or whatsapp you. You may be far but I can still reach you. But my bed?? I can’t talk to it, I can’t sleep in it, I can’t hug my pillow to sleep, I CAN’T ROLL AROUND IN IT LIKE I USUALLY DO WHEN I AM HOME.

So yeah, regardless of whether I’m staying in a hotel, hostel or apartment or by myself or with friends, I miss my bed.

So when I return home and get reacquainted with my bed, I know I am home.

Home Sweet Home.

I spend the next few days in bed (or at the very least one day to myself) and all my homesickness flies away. I feel much better.


Home Sweet Home for me!

What do YOU miss when you travel?

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