5 places I love to revisit

It took me a long time to put this together. Not for the lack of words but it is so hard to narrow down all the places into a list. So, at times like these, I decided to be simple and use my own terms instead.

And so, I’m introducing a very mixed up list, as an alternative to the one Shelley from Travel-Stained had tagged me to – of the ones I’ve visited frequently, the ones I hope to visit again and the elusive one that I am still chasing.

Seoul, Korea – my second home


I first visited Korea in 2010 and have been visiting it once or even twice each year. I like to visit during winter because I don’t get to experience winter (and snow) in Singapore’s climate. To me, Seoul is a vibrant city, constantly changing that I always find something new on each visit. I feel like I am back on familiar grounds and this is the reason why Seoul is constantly on my list to return. I will be back there this October so my personal goal now is to visit again during spring. I can then claim I have visited in all 4 seasons – I’m just weird like that…:)

Kyoto, Japan – my haven


I once did a trip from Korea to Japan and boy, the change in pace and culture slapped me in the face from the moment I landed at Haneda Airport. When I get to Japan, I slow down and relax and just enjoy the beautiful, polite (and timely) nature of Japan. Kyoto remains as my favourite city because it has this old time charm to it that is hard to resist. I have visited Kyoto twice and I am still left wanting for more. I cannot wait to revisit Kyoto on another visit to Japan.

Surprisingly, I realised that I’ve also traveled the most throughout Japan but I think there are still plenty more cities for me to visit. I am especially hoping to be able to visit Okinawa one day because I absolutely adore the beautiful beaches there.

Sydney, Australia`- my beach bunny

Bondi Beach

I’ve only visited Melbourne and Sydney but I already cannot wait to explore the rest of Australia. It’s a beautiful country with gorgeous landscape and many nature opportunities with a long history to satisfy the history buff in me. I love that there are just so much adventures to be had from this country.

Why Sydney? Well, you had me at the beaches. πŸ˜‰ I know that there are lots more beaches in Australia that are just as beautiful (I will get there some day!) but Sydney has more to offer than just their beaches and I liked that diversity and accessibility in the city. I’m visiting Perth soon though so I may change my mind soon (who knows!) πŸ™‚

Mt Fuji, Japan – My Elusive One

On my first visit to Japan in 2009, I told my friend that I wanted to climb Mt Fuji. She laughed at me because I was visiting during winter and Mt Fuji was open for climbing only during summer. Ever since then, this elusive one has been nagging at the back of my mind. Each time I traveled through Japan by train, Mt Fuji stared at me. This year, it got so bad that at one point, I was all ready to fly off for the weekend, just to climb Mt Fuji. My friend managed to talk some sense into me and made me wait instead. I held off…barely.

Bali, Indonesia – Special mention

Bali had so much to offer that I had no time to explore all the wonderful opportunities available. I’ve yet to fully explore Ubud or even the beach areas, my time there was filled with other activities because there was just so much options to choose from and explore.

Everyone also keeps talking about the Gili Islands so I feel that it’s about time I check it out before it all gets overrun by the tourists.

Mt Kintamani

So, there you have it. My own list of places that I would love to revisit. I initially started this after being tagged by Shelley for the Booked.net – Top Destinations to Go There Contest but it took on a mind of its own instead. Different people will have their own interpretation of places they have visited, different impressions of these places but these are the ones close to my own heart and I happily share it with all of you.

How about you? What are some of the places that you would love to revisit? What made it so special to you?

21 thoughts on “5 places I love to revisit

  1. Great list. I’ve only been to one of these places! I’ve been reading a lot of Kyoto and I would love to go there. I agree that there is so much left to see on Bali. I barely explored the mainland at all during my time there! And I was only in Ubud for one day, so I really feel I need to give it another go.


    • Oh yes, out of all the places that I’ve been to in japan, kyoto is right up there…I have yet to fully explore everything…thanks for the comment! Are you feeling better?


    • Lol, you sound just like my friends! Haha…they tell me that i’ll forever be known as the seoul girl cos I keep going there so many times…but I do try to visit other places, it just so happens that i still end up going to seoul one way or another despite trying not to! Haha…:)


  2. I hope you get to Okinawa someday. I know another blogger who responded to this and answered Kyoto, Japan as well. If I had the chance to go to mainland Japan, I’d definitely choose Kyoto now. Mt. Fuji is one of my biggest dreams.


  3. I totally understand why you would love to visit Bali again! It is an amazing place rich with history and it definitely has a special vibe.

    As for me, I would love to revisit France again (Paris and Chamonix)!!


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