Sunset Walk to Banpo Bridge (Rainbow Bridge) in Seoul

One of the first things I learnt about travelling is that you should always expect the unexpected. Plans will go wrong, you will deviate from your travel itinerary, you can get disappointed over some experiences.

Heading out to the Banpo Bridge in Seoul or more popularly known as Rainbow Bridge for its colored fountain show, I was in high spirits and high expectations of this show.

It was meant to be a beautiful sight, showcasing the bridge’s unique structure as a 2 storey bridge.

I made my way there from Donjak Station but I still got lost because there was not much directions from there. In the end, I made myself walk along the Han River, to make it easier to keep the bridge in sight.

I waited patiently as the sky slowly started to turn dark. The cold temperature started to seep in and I was soon forced to move around to keep my warmth.

And yet, the bridge remained dark and silent. I was the only one waiting around in the area.

I finally resorted to looking up information for help. It would seem that I had failed to note the most crucial piece of information during my research.

There was no show during winter.

Honestly, I was disappointed because it was a bit out of the way from downtown Seoul, crossing over the Han River to get to the bridge.

All is not lost though, I left with wonderful memories (and photos) of a beautiful sunset walk along the Han River instead.





How about you? Have you ever been disappointed with any of your travel experience? Please feel free to share! 🙂

25 thoughts on “Sunset Walk to Banpo Bridge (Rainbow Bridge) in Seoul

    • Haha, yes it should be on but I don’t know whether I want to travel all the way there again just to see this…haha..that time, I was visiting Apgujeong area and so dropped by since I was there. And my time in Oct is so short, yet I have so many places I wanna go…:(


      • Where are you staying this time around? Lol…I don’t find Banpo to be so far, it’s kind of right in the middle. Have you ever done a bike ride next to the Han River? You can cycle all the way from Yeouido to Jamsil in 1-1.5 hours, depending on how fast you go…


      • I’m on the other side of the river…I usually like to stay at dongdaemun area, near the history n culture park station because I find that more centralised..subways wise..:) I haven’t cycled all the way down though…haha…but I’m a slow walker so I expect myself to be a slow cycler too…haha…but my plans for oct is really free and easy…don’t have much time there so I really cannot make up my mind on what to catch up with…so I’ll just decide when I’m there…:)


    • cool! I do agree that sometimes unexpected things can turn out even better than planned…:) It’s always fun to indulge in our whims when on holiday…haha…


  1. Ohhh no Sha, sorry about that!!! You can still see it next time you go 😀
    As for me… I had a few disappointments in my travels, one of them was in Venice, sailing with the Gondolas is disgusting, not romantic!! 😀


      • hahaha sorry to change the romantic image of the Gondolas haha… the water is very disgusting, when I was at the Gondola I say rats (big ones) jumping into the water, which has a very bad smell during summer and the color is pretty dark 😦 I was disappointed I must say… but my second time there I already knew what it was like, so I just took a walk around the city, which is beautiful 😀


  2. Sorry I had to laugh at the epic fail moment when you found out there’s no show during winter times. Bwahahaha 😆
    At least you really got wonderful, truly beautiful, images your walk. You should frame those images … to remind you of that epic fail. Ahihihi 😀

    I researched online for the best sunset spot in Santa Barbara, only to find that the one I chose was not very reliable. I had to chase and chase and chase the sun and ended up with nothing.
    Also in Santa Barbara, I went for a waterfall hike. The “water”-fall barely had that much water.


    • Hahahaha….yes, we can always research so much but yet some things are always beyond our control…only in my case, I SHOULD have researched more…I could have saved myself the trouble then but oh well, I did get a peaceful and beautiful sunset walk all to myself as a consolation….:)


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