The dangers of solo travel

solo travel

Travelling alone? (Photo: PublicDomainPictures @Pixabay)

You will always remember your first. Your first trip, your first paycheck, your first day at work. For me, I remember my first solo trip quite clearly. Not that it was a huge adventure or a major breakdown of emotions. I remember it for the fear that it instilled in me and taught me to be ever vigilant, especially if travelling alone.

I arrived there at the hotel at night and was actually lost trying to find it on my own as it was in one of the smaller streets of Tokyo.

On a budget, my bathroom was not in the same room but a few steps away outside. And I found out that the room was located right at the very end of the long corridor, round the corner away from the other rooms on the floor.

While trying to unlock my door, silence crept in. There was only 2 rooms at this end and it seemed like I was the only one there. I could hear no sound from the other room next to mine.

It didn’t help that I found an open stairwell right beside my room door. That stairwell led to all floors in the building. As isolated as I felt then, that pushed my creepy senses to a whole new level.

Horror stories started running through my head and I lost no time dragging myself behind the safety and security of my room.Β That night, I slept with the television on. Each time I had to visit the bathroom, I hurried to return to my room and was constantly wary of any sounds that I could hear.

I was thankful that I was only staying there for that night. Otherwise, I would have gotten a different room altogether instead. Since then, I’ve been more careful with my bookings and always make sure to have the accommodations well researched, especially if I’m travelling alone. After all, one should never compromise on safety if travelling alone.

Have you ever been in the same situation before? Have you ever had any incident when you felt cautious of your surroundings? Please do tell!!

28 thoughts on “The dangers of solo travel

  1. There’s nothing worse than finding yourself in a place you booked that’s not what you hoped for! I had a night in India with a flashing red neon light directly outside the window. I watched cricket until 4am until i fell asleep.


    • Oh yes, I totally agree. That was too bad you didn’t really enjoy the night but you seem to be into cricket? Or is it only when you are in India? Haha…:)


  2. Sha I have done very little solo traveling but when i have I must say I have ensured the accommodation to be higher end. Your night sounds less than restful.
    How are you feeling? Hope the world is looking brighter these days.


  3. I’m actually researching for a solo trip to Japan next year and I read on a lot of websites that Japan is one of the safest places to travel as a solo female. Do you agree? Somehow I always end up getting dodgy accommodation in France. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling when the place you’ve booked is not like you imagined and you feel like you are in danger 😦


    • Oh, you would definitely have not much of a problem in japan…I’ve travelled solo there lots of time…but as always when travelling alone, it does help to keep aware at all times…just like this one instance here…:) otherwise I would tell you to just go ahead and enjoy! πŸ™‚


    • Oh yes, should at least give it a try once…just to have a feel for it. You can try travelling to solo-friendly countries like Australia or New Zealand if you are a bit worried…:)


  4. I agree. It’s always important to research your accommodation beforehand, especially if you’re traveling solo. If I’m alone I prefer to stay at a hotel or hostel that’s filled with fellow travelers. That way that creepy factor usually isn’t a problem!


    • Haha, yes. This hotel was highly recommended though and had good reviews so it was a bit unfortunate to find this out when I was there….oh well…hopefully we don’t get to encounter such creepy places…:)


  5. Great Post and right on time for me! I really want to travel to a few places like Tokyo but have delayed it because I have no one to go with. My friend has traveled by herself several times and you are right, making sure you research the hotel is so important but you never know what can happen until you arrive. Hope this hasn’t scared you from trying it again! T.


    • Haha…yeah…it was definitely one experience that is unexpected but I’ve since travelled alone around japan so you should have no problem….go ahead and give it a try…japan is pretty safe for solo travellers but it still does help to keep yourself aware…:)


  6. It looks like horrible experience. I hope it doesn’t discourage your travel further in Tokyo. I usually double check and lock the door and keep television on for night too when I travel to unknown place.
    You can create a small alarm kits uses empty beer or soda cans filled with small stones put near door so when someone try enter will kick it and create noise.


    • Haha…self made alarms…but it was only this ons time that I felt creeped out…I had no other problems travelling alone in japan…so I suppose it was just a one time thing…thanks for reading! πŸ™‚


  7. Really glad that nothing bad happened in the end! I know how those feelings are difficult to shirk off though when travelling alone, or for me, even when you’re just alone!
    Ps. because of all of your wonderful stories and tales of travels around the world, I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog Award! No problem if you’d rather not accept, but cool if you do πŸ™‚
    hope you are well!


  8. This post made me giggle…. but only because I know exactly how you feel. Once you have that feeling, it can quickly build up to a paranoid state regardless if the threat is real or imagined. In unfamiliar surroundings it is easy to become over vigilant and cautious, but that is good! When travelling solo, never let your guard down is good advice. It is a post I am preparing about my own trip to Colombia. Thanks for sharing.


    • Oh yes, especially when you are alone, you tend to imagine things even…haha…which is why I try to be more careful nowadays if I’m travelling alone…thanks for reading!! πŸ™‚


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