A Little Joy in the Midst of Darkness

Rays of light shining through the gloom

Rays of light shining through the gloom

So I’ve been in a mood for some time, hence the lack of posts. Hearing the news on MH17 pulled me right into a set of gloom and it made me send off flurries of messages to my close friends trying to see light in the midst of darkness.

I was actually still up when the news started to pop up on twitter. Within an hour or two, even without any official confirmation, photos were flying around social media. Let’s just say, people should think twice before sending out such photos on social media because I saw some uncensored versions of the actual site.

This one hit close to me because it could have happened to anyone. It could also have easily been me because I travel quite frequently. All those lives gone in a split second. I couldn’t even imagine it. So I stopped myself from checking social media any further. But the gloomy mood stayed with me.

So I’m doing this as a cheer-me-up so I hope you all get entertained while I distract myself to find a little joy in the midst of such darkness.

6 months anniversary!

It has been 6 months since I started posting regularly (or sometimes irregularly..sorry!). So I thought that it would be good to have a mini get-to-know session because all my readers are super awesome and have been so supportive, I feel like I already know a little of everyone.

SO…here are some tidbits of myself that I thought would be fun to share with all of you.

Looking up to Yaoming who's 7'6 (2.29m)

Looking up to Yaoming who’s 7’6 (2.29m)

1. I’m short, like very short. 

One of the reasons why I don’t really like to ride a bike when I travel is because I can never

rent one with a seat that is low enough for me to have my feet on the ground. Unless I get a kid’s bike that it.

Can you just imagine me trailing on a kid’s bike while the others speed away??!! No fun! >_<

2. I like to learn new languages.

It’s just something I enjoy. I especially like to eavesdrop on foreigners and try to guess their nationality from their accents…not that I’m trying to creep out anyone but I like listening to the different intonations. Oh, and ok, English is my main language. I speak Malay with my family and others in the community. I studied Chinese during my university days for a few years and have since picked up Korean. Very basic Korean though, there is no grammar, no structure, just conversational Korean that is sufficient for me to go around. 🙂

3. I self-diagnosed myself with “Itchy Fingers Syndrome”.

Said syndrome has been to blame for all my impulsive travel bookings. It has a mind of its own and does not listen to the pocket. I am very grateful to have friends who are willing to make me sit through their counselling before confirming any bookings. Not that the counselling sessions are always successful though. It just helps to have some emotional support sometimes.

4. I love animation movies.

Especially if it comes in 3D. Because I’m just a kid who never grows up. My absolute favourite?

Finding Nemo. I once made my whole family re-watch this movie, in the cinema, a few years after it ended its run. All because it was released to the cinemas in 3D. A good thing I paid for their tickets…;)

I love Squirt too!

I love Squirt too!

5. My deepest secret confession – not sure whether I want to announce this but hmm, don’t judge guys..:)

On my silly days, I like talking whale with my mum. Whale talk?

Like this…

I love my mummy. 😀

So now it’s your turn guys! Let me know something about you as well! Can you beat my deepest secret confession? Do tell!

It will at least help me shake off this mood of mine. Laughter is always the best medicine! 🙂

35 thoughts on “A Little Joy in the Midst of Darkness

  1. Agreed laughter is the best medicine! Hope your mood improves. I’m pretty much an open book as you know. Hugs to you across the miles. I share your itchy finger syndrome! 🙂


  2. I’m glad you are feeling happier! Loving the tidbits. I share your number 1…I’m annoyingly small, oh and I also share your love of ‘whale’…do you count this as one of your many languages?


    • Haha! I never thought of adding that to my list of languages but I may just do that! Thanks for the idea…:)

      Ahh, it is a little annoying to be short, isn’t it? I lost count of how many times I had wished I was a little bit more average in height. Hahaha!


  3. A terrible event like this makes one stop and think and social media can put up some dreadful thoughtless images and crazy theories so a break sounds wise.
    Thanks for the info about you. i am always interested to know a little about the people I follow.
    I have been invited to take part in a blog hop. Wondering as mostly I only write about my travels. Wonder if it will look even more self indulgent.
    All the best. I do like your concise snappy posts.


    • Oh no, please do the blog hop! I did it too and I had the same reservations about doing one. Nothing to lose against doing it, it can be taken all in the name of fun..I shall look forward to reading about yours. 🙂

      Thank you for the kind words and support always!! 🙂


    • Lol, short people unite!!! hehe…and wow, I’m sure you would have funny stories from that height difference. I know I have plenty of short people stories…haha!


  4. Peole at my workplace are doing the whale talk recently and it was hilarious! I’m in a mood too so let’s both try our very best to cheer up! Fighting!!!


  5. I love Finding Nemo too, only another 2 years until Finding Dory… it’s taking forever! My confession is that I love to eat chocolate spread straight out of the jar. The other week I ate a whole jar in one sitting so I tried to hide the evidence under the bed. When my partner got home from work he spotted it straight away and asked me why there was an empty chocolate spread jar there. I tried to deny all knowledge of it, which he obviously didn’t fall for at all!
    Hope you’re feeling better and brighter soon!


    • Lol!! I can’t say no to chocolates so that is so awesome!! Haha…I actually had to get my colleagues to keep the chocolates away from me cos I can’t stop till I finished it all…haha…:)

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Sha, I have the same pose standing in front of Yaoming. EVERYONE will look short taking picture like that!

    For my not-so-secret-anymore secret confession, I (sometimes) tell my friends, that I’m meeting my other friends, just to sit at a cafe and read a book by myself. Apparently if my friends found out about this, they’d freak out and say things like “OMG Don’t be so sad!” Actual fact, those myself-with-a-book moments make me happy.


    • Lol, really? But I am really short though, I suppose anyone against Yaoming is short in comparison…haha

      I like sitting alone just to read too, I also like doing this at cafes overseas but I usually end up getting distracted watching people..haha…:)


  7. Yes, very sad news and you are right – it could have happen to anyone. I often have flight connections through Amsterdam and it is so scary to even read about that.
    Answering your question – I do like to paint. I recently did three small paintings – the Eiffel Tower, The Golden gate bridge and NYC at night 🙂


    • It just makes me think of how fragile life is because you can never know what will happen.

      That’s so awesome that you can paint. I have always admired people who are able to do so…Thanks for reading! 🙂


  8. Awwn Sha such a nice idea of yours to write this post! I loved getting to know a little bit more of you! I also love languages and enjoy guessing which country the person is from by hearing their language. I also loooove cartoons and talk funny with mom too….ohh and with my dog. My husband says that I change completely when I start talking to my dog hahaha. But I have a secret too… since I was a kid I got used to sleep with the same sheet, I need to smell it before falling asleep…the thing is, I had one for over 20 years, until it was basically over, almost nothing of it…then my mom sent me another one from Brazil, one that she used for my bed when I was little hahaha I know, its weird…but my husband got used to it! I cant sleep without it! 😀


    • Awesome! Great minds think alike…kekeke…:D

      Your confession reminded me that I have something similar. I used to keep a pillow from my childhood too and refused to throw it out even when I was already an adult. I had an unfortunate accident with it one day and had to throw it out. 😦 At least you still have a back-up!! And your husband is so understanding to tolerate this!! Although I would have to say he probably had no choice…haha…:)


      • hahahahaha no my husband didnt have a choice, he had to get used to it! Now if I loose it during the night he helps me try to find it, because he knows I will keep searching hahaha these stories of ours are really funny 😀


      • Aww, your husband is so nice to do that for you. My family members are the most likely culprits when my pillow used to go missing. I was at their total mercy then…they really liked to tease me a lot about the pillow. The only good thing is that they can’t do that anymore since I no longer have the pillow..haha..:D


      • hahahaha yes he is!! But my family also used to tease me about my sheet… but they ended up accepting that it would always be like this, they even used to say: I want to see if you will still sleep with this thing after you get married hahaha… well!! Poor you, Im sorry that you lost your pillow…but good that you see the positive side of it 😀


  9. Congrats on your six months anniversary! Now that’s something to brighten the mood. I want to stand in front of Yaoming too, because at 6 feet tall even he would make ME feel small and delicate, lol. Thanks for sharing some special things about yourself Sha. It’s fun to get to know you…. and YoooUURRRrrr LITTttlleee WhaLLLeee talk obsession. lol.


    • Lol, I know, that was what was brought to my attention..anyone would feel small in front of Yaoming…haha…ANNNddd IIIiii REEeeaLLLyyy LLLiiikKKEee toooo TAlk WhhhAAlleeee!! IITt’s FFUnnn!! Hehe!! You can try it with your hubby too…I would be curious to find out his reaction…hahahahaha…:D


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