Best View in Singapore

I splurged. For no rhyme or reason, I decided on an impromptu staycation with a friend at the iconic Marina Bay Sands or what is known to us as MBS.

Marina Bay Sands is definitely an impressionable building. It stands out among all other buildings in Singapore with its unique structure that has visitors describing it as a floating spaceship. I would say that I can usually pick out MBS in the far distance just by looking at the structure.

If there is one place that is iconic of Singapore, it has to be the Marina Bay Sands.


Floating spaceship maybe? (Photo: Erwin Soo @ Wikipedia)

That was not the point of my splurge though. Sure, it has a unique architecture. It is a world class hotel that is able to give you a quality hotel experience. However, my impromptu splurge was for the infinity pool at the top.

Infinity Pool MBS

Infinity Pool at MBS

The view made it totally worth the splurge. It was absolutely gorgeous. The feeling of being at the top of everything else is very heady. I could see far, far into the distance. I lingered as long as I could by the side of the pool, ignoring all the splashes, screams and laughter behind me.

Yes, you have great views and you feel awesome but the joys of such enjoyment means that everyone else is there to do the same. I can say that swimming laps here is best avoided due to high volume of pool traffic. Early mornings or late evenings tend to be quieter though.

It definitely felt like an exclusive privilege. Entrance to the pool is strictly monitored due to the limited space. One room key card only allows one person to enter the area. Due to the popularity of the pool, it is usually crowded with people hoping to experience Singapore from the top, even for locals like me.

Despite all these people, it was still one of my most memorable yet expensive staycations. I took advantage of this opportunity and spent most of my weekend stay by the pool, making the most of this expensive splurge of mine.

I made sure to experience the best view that Singapore could possibly offer, if only to claim bragging rights and take the usual proof shot below.

Infinity Pool

Proof that I was here!!

Do you think it was a worthy splurge? Have you ever splurged just for an experience? Please do tell! πŸ™‚

44 thoughts on “Best View in Singapore

  1. Oh MAN! You went to the pool?! Jealous! I visited in September when I 1st started backpacking, but didn’t have enough time to hit the pool, the view from the top at night is breathtaking though!


    • Haha…it was a weekend indulgence… expensive one cos we had to book a room just to get access to the pool there but totally worth it…;) would have been a shame if you were there and did not enjoy the pool but I do agree that the night scenery is quite awesome…you’ll have to come back to give the pool a try…:)


    • It felt awesome as well, at the very least to get bragging rights to having done this…haha…

      Personally, I would feel the need to splurge on myself after getting through a tough cycling tour too! But then, that’s just me and my muscles crying out for some TLC…I’m sure you are more experience at this than me…:)


  2. Wow, I am officially super jealous. I think it’s every traveler’s dream to swim in that pool! I haven’t been to Singapore but I’ve always wanted to stand on top of that building. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to! Good for you…everyone deserves to splurge every now and then πŸ™‚


    • You know, I read that someone had this on her bucket list and I was like, really? I suppose I don’t appreciate it that much since it’s just there. Getting to try out the pool was really amazing and fun though…you should definitely give it a try if you are able to…:)


  3. Veeeery cool Sha!! I didnt know it was a hotel though, good to know….I will make sure to pay a visit to this pool when I finally visit Singapore!! Yes I did something like this once…having drinks at the bar of Burj al Arab in Dubai…totally worth every penny, the view is amazing and the drinks and food even better πŸ˜€


    • Oh yes, this is me splurging away just for the pool. I’m waiting for another splurge occasion to do it again although I don’t think it will happen anytime soon…haha! πŸ™‚


    • I wish I could too. I did spent the whole weekend by the pool…now if only I can have someone pay for my stay, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again..;)


  4. oh no you didnt! my friends and i threw a party at the suite and we shared the cost among 20-30pax. security was tight at the pool but you can break rules in singapore as long as you dont get caught! πŸ˜› we had more than 10-15 up there. however you were right, it was too crowded and not that clean… and the view.. mm… to each his own i reckon – not a fan of skyscrapers!


  5. I usually pick free travel sties and then maybe one that I have to spend money on. Once in a while I spulrge. Your top of the world splurge is definitely worthy!


    • Definitely worthy of a splurge to try this pool out. I’ll only be back if I get a really good deal for it though because it is kind of pricey…:)


  6. You went and did it! I keep getting pestered about it by P who has seen the pool and wants to swim in it (I tell him to start saving his pocket money).

    It’s definitely not a bad choice for a staycation. Splurge, yes, but think how much you saved in flights!

    I like cattidudette’s idea, though. Yes, the principle rule in Singapore seems to be “don’t get caught” sometimes…


    • Lol, yes, it was worth a visit to the pool…I think he’ll be an adult by the time he saves up enough pocket money for a staycation there…haha…unless he gets lots of pocket money?? Haha

      That is indeed the principle rule in Singapore, visitors assume we follow all these rules, fines, etc etc….well, mostly?….stay here long enough and you do get it..haha..;)


  7. Amazing!!! We really screwed up on this one. When we were in Singapore last, MBS had just opened and they were selling rooms for just around $180… and we DIDN’T book them. Gahhh!!! Big mistake, that one!!!! πŸ˜‰


    • Oh man! $180??!!!!! That’s unheard of for MBS!! Super bargain!! Oh well…maybe they’ll have more promotion in the future…although I’m on their e-mail list but I don’t see it go below $300/ time then…:)


  8. I did so, sometimes though :)..and totally worth it! We did a combi stay – medium budget then the next place would be splurged. Marina Bay sounds nice to stay..been thinking to stay there on our next trip in Jan..but i guess wouldnt be nice to stay at a hotel across to it with window view to it? What do you think?


    • Lol, you’ll have to get here first..haha…but yeah, the area is pretty small actually which is why they do that. But it still is worth to get up there at least once…πŸ˜„


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