My Dumbest Moment Ever!


Who knew that fishes lived in the sea? Raise your hands please.

Ok, now allow me to have a dumb moment to myself. This dumb moment happened at Sentosa.

For those unfamiliar with Sentosa, it is a small island off Singapore and is minutes away from the mainland. Don’t let the word ‘island’ fool you though, there is nothing rustic and undeveloped about Sentosa.

ANYWAY…The beaches at Sentosa are partly man-made. It is still open to the sea but sheltered by multiple islets, creating this deep oasis of sea water. So the waters are sheltered and not as deep as the open waters on other beaches here in Singapore.

palawan beach

Looks can be deceiving…

It makes me feel safer to swim and happier to frolick in the waters knowing that the sand will not just be swept away from under me. Cos you know, I’m short. Which means that I don’t usually get too far out before I can’t step on anything.

On this particular (and memorable?) day, I was happily playing in the waters by myself when I felt a tug on my finger.

And by tug, I meant BITE.

Have you ever been bitten by someone else? It’s the same feeling you get, only with sharper teeth. To this day, I can still remember the shock that I had feeling sharp teeth testing itself out on my finger.

In my shock, I jerked my finger away.

Which made me lose my footing in the water.

Thus, almost drowning myself trying to get away from these sharp teeth creatures.

And…basically made a fool of myself thrashing away in the shallows of the water trying to get out.

I literally scrambled out of the water and just stood there trying to find the culprit. Which was when I saw the fishes. Tiny, small fishes darting in and out by the shallows of the water.

And then I had THE dumb moment…”THERE ARE FISHES IN THAT WATER??”

Yes, yes…you can stop laughing now..believe me, it sounded pretty dumb to me too.

Sea means fish. Fish lives in the sea.

It’s not that I didn’t realise there were fishes, I knew that this was the sea. I was just not expecting fishes to be swimming right there in the shallow waters because I had never encountered any of them in all the times I was swimming there.

And yes, I got laughed at when I was recounting this story to my friends.

In my defense, I tell them I had so much sun that day that it fried my brains.

Have you had any dumb or nonsensical moments too? Or is it only me? Please do tell…I don’t bite 😉

26 thoughts on “My Dumbest Moment Ever!

    • Lol! It’s not exactly totally man-made…it was developed from an existing island but at least I can say that they didn’t deliberately poured in all those fishes to torment me…or did they??? Hmmmmmm….hehehe…:D


    • I don’t really like when fishes swim through me if I snorkle too! You have an irrational fear of fish and I have an irrational fear of deep waters…we are such a pair huh…hehe…:D


  1. Haha! It’s ok. I have had a worst moment when there were these tiny fishes jumping all over me. I ran out of the sea like a mad woman! I freak out even when I step on the filter in the swimming pool 😀


  2. One of the smartest and most charming guys I know (apart from my husband) never worries about saying dumb things. At a certain point I realised that was what was so smart and charming about him. He’s not afraid to learn and he’ll never make anyone feel stupid! So yes, fish in sea. Smart and charming 🙂

    I wouldn’t have expected them to bite me, though!


  3. There are fish in the sea. And my daughter has always worried about them nibbling her toes. That said – the clownfish – ‘Nemo’ – defends it’s territory and will nip if you get close. No matter if you are bigger, they will still come at you if you are threat to it’s habitat.


  4. Sounds like something I would have done. I mean who expects to be bitten by fish when splashing around at a beach. Reminds me of my first experience diving… whenever fish brushed past me… I felt the urge to scream. So much for discovering underwater beauty.


    • Hahaha!! Right! Glad to know I’m not the only one…I too find it disconcerting when those fishes brush past me when I’m snorkelling…especially when a whole school of them just swims right through me…haha…:)


  5. Not me. I missed that information in kindergarten and grade school. Thanks for imparting your knowledge to us. I now understand why a lot of people stay by the water with a pole and a line out in the water. Now, can you please give me a minute or two to laugh my a$$ off in the corner…


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