Caught in a Stinking Puddle

dirty puddle

Puddles are to be avoided!! (Photo: Lozikiki @Flickr)

It was dark. I was not paying attention and I stepped into a puddle. My feet stank.

This sounds like life, doesn’t it? But no, this was not a hypothetical theory. It happened. To me.

I sneaked out from my friend’s wedding in Palembang, Indonesia, to have dinner near her house. It was a very long tedious ceremony where her house was packed with people. I doubt she would have missed my presence.

Eat where the locals eat, right?

So I did. The area was not brightly lit, we sat among everyone, feeling out of place because we were all dressed up.

We did not linger since we had a wedding to return to and left as soon as we were done.

Cut across the carpark as a shortcut.

And then my feet sank into mush and water engulfed my feet.

Was I going to sink? I jumped out as fast as I could, not sure what I had stepped in because it was dark and there was no lights in that area.

Only after stepping up to the car and under the streetlight, could I see and smellΒ the damage done.

My feet stank.

Like horribly, disgustingly, unimaginably stank.

I assume I had stepped into sewage water. Or at least water with all sorts of rubbish dumped into it.

My feet was covered in green bits, I shudder to imagine the source.

I tried to wash my feet desperately with water. It still stank AND I still had to get back to the wedding.

That return trip back was a traumatizing blur for me.

I had to beg my friend to borrow something from her to replace my shoe because I was NOT going to be wearing that pair of shoe back to the hotel.

That day, no matter how many times I scrubbed my feet, I still imagined my feet still stank.

So lesson learnt,Β eat before you go for a wedding if you know that it will be a long ceremony. But I didn’t know it then, did I? I should have known to always expect the unexpected, especially when one is travelling. Oh, and to be wary of puddles in the dark…unfortunately.

Have you encountered any unexpected incidents during your travels? Please do share! πŸ™‚

27 thoughts on “Caught in a Stinking Puddle

  1. It seems you are posting a lot about embarrassing situations at the moment. I was at a new years party in England once I kissed a girl who had been eating peanuts I am allergic to them I ran to the toilet and threw… well. I returned and no one ever knew. Until now that is!


    • I know right!!! Sorry – brain fried at work so I’m working out my frustrations on all of you…hahaha! I shall work on a happy one for my next one…:)

      But yours is just simply HILARIOUS!! Hahaha..thanks for sharing! Did you ever tell the girl that you are allergic? Maybe hinted at her?


  2. Eww, that sounds awful. I’m sure I’ve stepped in my fair share of gross things while traveling. But if we’re talking about embarrassing stuff…I locked myself out of my apartment in Colombia the other day. I was taking out the trash when the door slammed shut from a gust of wind. I had no shoes, no money and I’m barely able to speak a world of Spanish. It sucked. Five hours, a locksmith and $60 later I got back in. Sometimes travel can definitely bring unexpected things your way πŸ™‚


    • Haha! That’s such an unfortunate situation…reminds me of all the comedy with this same scene except they make the guy stuck outside all naked….hahaha…oh well, you just have to deal with it as it goes….;)


  3. Murphy’s Law in action. Thank goodness you have small petite feet that you can BORROW shoes. Now me, I’d be stuck roping a 2×4 on each foot for the rest of the evening. Yeah, phew, believe me, things could have been worse, lol. Great blog πŸ˜‰


  4. Lol. It can always be worse. When we were traveling in China, we heard a story of a girl, who’d fallen into one of the holes used as an “outhouse” in the rural areas. Worst part… she was on an overnight bus ride. I shudder just thinking about it.


  5. I don’t think I have anything major other than always breaking from a group and then getting lost. πŸ™‚ You all should have went back and have your friends with you to step in the puddle too so you didn’t stunk alone. bwahahahaha


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