Naked at a Nude Beach at Watsons Bay

Camp Cove Watsons Bay

Beautiful Camp Cove beach at Watsons Bay in good weather (Photo: Diliff @ Wikipedia)

I went like this. O.O

It was a cold and windy day. Mr Sun was nowhere to be seen. And I have a naked guy on the rocks “tanning” away.

I was innocently walking around Watsons Bay, just a short distance away from Sydney. Walking, taking photos and shivering due to the dismal weather. I had wanted to go for a swim at Camp Cove beach but it was too cold. Which was how I ended up being confronted with a nude stranger on the beach instead.

Camp Cove, Watsons Bay

An empty and dismal day at the Camp Cove beach. This is NOT the nude beach.

At first I thought he was crazy to be bare naked in this weather. And then I noticed something sticking UP. Oops, I averted my gaze as quickly as possible. He stood up and I ran away, as fast as I could.

Suffice to say, I left him to his own thoughts and devices.

Walking back, I discovered the hidden secret (or open secret?) of Watsons Bay. Lady Bay beach was labelled as a nude beach on the map there, discreetly of course. Which did made me have second thoughts of taking another walk in that the area again.

However, the thought of being confronted with the same guy and his enthusiastic stick made me think otherwise. If that was the only eye candy on the beach, I would rather pass on it.

I can only wish that he was younger, slimmer and sexier. I wouldn’t have any second thoughts then. 😉

28 thoughts on “Naked at a Nude Beach at Watsons Bay

    • Hahaha…yes mom, hear you loud and clear. 🙂

      I ran away as soon as that thing was pointed at me….hahaha…but well…it was kind of his area too since it’s a nude beach but with that weather? I still think he was crazy or maybe he just likes taking it all off and being on the beach gave him an excuse to do so…^_^


  1. Too bad you had a negative nude beach experience. Lots of creeps out there to ruin it for everyone else.

    I haven’t been to a clothing optional locale in a few years, but I for one have fond memories.

    Under better conditions, would you check out one of those places again…? 😉


    • You know, I’ve asked this of myself a couple of times since then.

      It does not really go well with my religion but I personally feel like giving it a try at least once. Don’t know whether I would chicken out when I do get the opportunity but it does tempt me to try…:D

      We don’t have such a beach concept here in Asia by the way….:)

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  2. Love this. I remember when there was a huge outcry with Lady Beach and another one on the other side of the harbour. I have never been think I have left it a bit late to take off all my clothes at the beach. Saw a guy once on the nude beach in Broome wearing only sandals and bike helmet about to get on his bike. Thought bicycling had possible dangers for him.


  3. LOL oh dear! We had the same experience with a beach near La Perouse. Innocently stumbled across this beautiful beach where we are happily snapping photos until David says, “there is a naked man walking towards us.” We raced right out of there. Luckily, this man had no stick….


    • Haha, yes, I’ve heard that people in Europe do this all the time but I’m not used to it because people cover up as much as possible here in Asia. This was a surprise experience! Haha…:)


      • I can imagine!! You know, most of the people think that in Brazil is like this…but its not! So I was shocked when I saw it…and honestly, I dont like this at in Europe is everywhere, even on the lakes, they call it FKK, so if you ever go to a beach or lake in Europe and see the sign FKK dont go further hahaha


      • Lol…..will be sure to look out for FKK – thanks for the tip! Although if there ARE hot guys (like you know with awesome abs and sculpted muscles), I wouldn’t mind being a voyeur….if I can keep my clothes on, of course!! ROFL!!!!


  4. Haha! Okay it makes me feel a lot better that at least he’d taken his excited self to a place where it’s okay to be naked. There are so many random flashers out there in the world, maybe we need to add “nude parking lots” and “nude alleyways” to the list of acceptable venues 😉


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