Worst Hostel Room Mates to Meet on Solo Travel

As the year comes to an end, I thought it would be fun to do a round-up of some of my encounters with room mates in hostels during my solo travels. In all my years of travelling alone, I’ve usually opted to stay at hostels in hopes of making my trip less lonely and diverse. While most of my hostel stays have been useful in making friends on my solo trips, there have also been those that left me with an otherwise opinion. Hostel stay has always been very interesting but experiencing these kinds of room mates do make me question myself sometimes.

Paihia, New Zealand

The view at Haka Lodge Paihia always made up for any awkward moments in the main area. πŸ™‚

The Messy One: This is pretty easy to spot when they take up most of the room floor while you are trying to walk around. I actually don’t really mind too much mess in the room but I do have my limits too, of course. Taking up the whole floor space with all your belongings is one of my limits. It’s not just inconsiderate to take up all the floor space but it is also a hazard as I may end up stepping on some of the items lying around too.

The Fake Friend: I actually wrote about this before here. When travelling alone, I tend to make an effort to be a bit more outgoing. I think it’s the worse experience ever when you are already getting out of your comfort zone and yet some people are not sincere enough to be honest with you. If you are staying in a hostel, please do not do this to any of your room mates. Just staying in a private room with your friends would be better.

The Drunk One: This was a common experience in New Zealand when some of my hostel room mates liked to party till late, especially in Queenstown. Although my room mates were really nice, getting woken up at 3am to them returning after their night out can be quite disruptive sometimes. So, I learnt to plug my ears with music and sleep through the noise. At least, I didn’t have to deal with any vomit in the room, of which I am eternally grateful for.

New Zealand

One of the messy times in my dorm room, thank goodness she left the next day!

The Last Minute Packer: There’s nothing louder than the sound of plastic in a room of sleeping dorm mates. So when you are trying to pack in the darkness with all your plastic bags rustling in your bags, it’s worse than trying to deal with drunk room mates. I always avoid packing in the early morning even if I don’t have any plastic bags but there’s always those who have no sense or qualms about packing all these at 5 in the morning – even though they had plenty of time to pack the night before.

The Snoozer: Staying in hostels is my choice when travelling alone but sometimes it can also be hard to adjust to strangers in the room. Snoozing alarms repeatedly means that you face the wrath of other sleeping mates so it’s best to be careful with your alarms in the morning. I once got woken up by a persistent alarm that was left in a locker which was turned off only when the owner returned to the room. There was definitely no returning back to sleep after that long continuous alarm.

The Snorer: Honestly, I’m a bit more tolerant towards those who snore because I’ve done the same on a few occasions. There are times when my room mate was really tired after a long day of travel or have a blocked nose. Instead, I’ve learnt to plug my ears instead and force myself to ignore the noise. I think my noise tolerance has improved from all my hostel stays.

New Zealand

The struggle to charge is real when you only have one power point in the whole room.

The Night Talkers: Again, there’s always the exceptional few who tend to be a bit more inconsiderate of those in the same room as them. I’ve encountered some who choose to continue talking all night long with friends despite the late hour and it can interrupt your sleep, especially if you have an early start the next day. Fortunately, I’ve gotten used to noise so I would plug in my ears and still head to sleep. I usually have no problem with falling asleep but I do get woken up easily if there’s too much noise.

The Suspicious One: This experience was a mystery to me. In all my years of staying in hostels, she was the first and only time I encountered such a room mate. She was so suspicious of everyone in the room that she was hostile with me when I tried to initiate a conversation with her. She brought her purse with her everywhere she went in the hostel and refused to mingle with anyone in the room. Since I was travelling alone, I thought that it was really strange that she was so hostile since she was alone too but I guess, not everyone wants to be sociable despite staying in hostels.

The Cuddlers: One experience I’ve encountered with mixed dorm rooms is that you get couples staying in the same room. I’ve nothing against couples staying in the same room but there are those who like to share the same bed. Good for them but not so comfortable for those who are alone when they start getting handsy, if you get what I mean…

spa lodge rotorua

Was super grateful my hostel had this hot spring to enjoy during the cold winter nights…it may be small BUT it fit all 10 of us at one point…very cosy times then πŸ™‚

The Aggressive One: The worst and scariest experience ever when I was travelling alone was during a hostel stay in New Zealand. One of my room mates were being very confrontational and picked a fight with someone else in the room. Being in the same room as someone who wanted to fight was a frightening situation to deal with, especially at midnight. Fortunately, he got thrown out instead when we brought it up to the hostel manager. I was glad to see him out of the room as I was definitely not comfortable sleeping in the same room with him after that incident.

Overall, my stay in hostels were usually not as eventful. Travelling alone, staying in a hostel has allowed me to meet with different kinds of people. Staying in a hostel is part of a solo experience, I feel. Unfortunately, a hostel stay can either enhance and make your solo travel memorable or it can also spoil your solo experience.Β Writing about these experiences here is not meant to sound pushy or complaining. Rather, it’s meant to highlight the different kinds of people you would meet so as to prepare yourself if you have yet to encounter them personally. Feel free to learn from my experiences here! πŸ™‚

Hamurana Springs, Rotorua

Taken by my dorm mate. She had to help me walk back because I got freaked out walking on such a narrow platform surrounded by deep waters. >_<

Have you ever encountered any similar experience travelling? Please do share! πŸ™‚Β 

20 thoughts on “Worst Hostel Room Mates to Meet on Solo Travel

  1. Oh my! Now I’m really excited to know who will be my roommates when I go to Paihia on the 20th =D I’ll be staying in Peppertree lodge for 3 days and 2 nights haha!

    Great article, thanks for this! Hope you can drop by my page and follow too =D


    • Ahh Paihia, I spent 2 weeks in Paihia. It was a nice slow time there. Expensive place but fun to be close to the beach and all…hope you get to enjoy good weather during your time there. I’ve been to Peppertree before when my friend was staying there. It looked like a nice place to stay at although I wasn’t a fan of the limited wifi they gave out…haha Hope you enjoy your stay! πŸ™‚


    • Hahaha, yeah…my tolerance levels have been built up from all my hostel stays..but I do feel a bit too old for it sometimes. Regardless, it’s a cheaper option so I still like to use it when travelling. πŸ™‚

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  2. as you can tell – I am getting caught up on a few posts here and I cannot imagine ten people in that hot tub (hot spring pool) well maybe the right sized folks.
    and this post was clever and fun – what a way to describe them – also – I like the down view of the chargers – those kind of photos speak A LOT! and one charging outlet – yikes.
    you have to check out this charging station on Norm’s blog

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my! What travel experiences that you have had! I meant, you met many type of travelers – it’s just like the hidden truth about the travelers… lol It could be fun to observe different type of people but I can imagine it could be annoying experience too..

    Liked by 1 person

    • hahaha it was irritating when it happened but I get to laugh about it now when it’s all in the past…I imagine you would probably encounter all sorts of people while travelling so it’s all part of the travel experience I guess..haha


    • Haha, thanks…I just came back from another trip where I encountered another kind of horrible room mate…makes me wonder if I’m too old for hostels but well, I guess I’ll just have to keep trying…haha


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