Why I Miss Korea <3

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. This is definitely true of me and Korea. Having visited Korea quite regularly these last few years, I may not be able to make it back this year. It struck a pang in my heart that I would miss out on being out there rather than just catching up online. Writing this really brought back lots of memories that I had of Korea so you can consider this my therapy against me missing out on being there myself.

Beauty Products

For any visitors, it is hard to avoid the plentiful shops and the variety of makeup and skincare products in Korea. I do use my visits to stock up on my products but I’m faced with the reality that I may just end up ordering the necessary supplies online, even though shipping costs makes it quite costly to order. There are shops in Singapore selling Korean beauty products but not all supplies are still available for me to really stock up.

More street shopping but in Hongdae!

Korean Food

Food never fails to attract me and Korea has plenty of good quality, cheap and yummilicious food. I regularly have korean food here in Singapore but sometimes I will find myself craving that deokbukki from the next street from my hostel or that delicious kimchijeon that I can never seem to get here in Singapore. I miss the street food, the piping hot cheap food that you can get eating on the streets and trying out the small tidbits.

korean street food

Cheap, yummy street food..

Being in Korea

Korean culture is something that is familiar to me, something that I have been immersed in for years and that I still maintain interest in till today. I generally miss the whole environment there, hearing Korean being spoken around you, listening to the Korean music blaring on the streets, in the shops – this is something that I had gotten used to when I was visiting Korea. I miss the surrounding nature there, with easy access to the mountains around the city area, trees, beaches and even Han river.

sunset at Hangang

Watching the sunset by the side of Han River

I suppose all these are just sentimental thoughts that I may regret the moment that I am back in Korea. For now, I look back at my stories and fond memories and think back to the times that I was in Korea itself. I can say that there are plenty of things that I do not miss about Korea but for now, I can’t wait to make it back to Korea which may not be anytime this year.

Korea, I will be back…soon…:)

Are there any places that you miss and wish to return to? Please do share! šŸ™‚

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