One of My Worst Travel Experience with Bugs

alone by the beach

Have you ever wondered? Behind all those picture perfect, awesome holiday, it takes just one thing to trip it up. It could have been getting lost, missing flight connections, falling sick but the one thing that I have yet to personally encounter when I travel is actually driving me crazy now even though I have not been travelling for a while.

The stress is seriously real. Whoever knew that such a small bug could have cause such chaos, trouble and pain for such a long period for me. I cannot sleep, I am sleeping on the floor, I have to clean my room every single day in my attempt to get rid of its traces.

I feel like I am fighting a losing battle.

Although I am used to staying in hostels during my travels, staying at one after all my troubles now seems so much harder. I have developed this phobia of bed bugs, the thought of having them in the same bed as me is putting me off getting a new bed or even a mattress.

Travel bugs are something that I hear from people but was always glad to escape introducing myself to.

Unfortunately, looks like fate is not meant to be. I have been struggling with bed bugs for the last few months.

I can wish that it never existed in the first place but this “guest” sneaked into my house when my brother came back from a holiday and is happily feasting on the sumptuous buffet here that they simply refuse to leave.

I’ve thrown out so much belongings in hopes that it would get rid of the bed bugs. In fact, I have ended up sleeping on the bare floor as I refuse to spend more money getting new furniture when it is still happily lurking away.

I’ve thrown out a LOT of my things and yet it still lingers to torture me.

Lesson learnt: be wary of unknown creatures who may follow you home.

These bloodsucking persistent little creatures…


3 thoughts on “One of My Worst Travel Experience with Bugs

  1. are you sure it’s bed bugs? are you able to get one of those flea bombs? that might do the trick. I’ve come back with fleas – from Ethiopia it was – but a flea bomb used correctly did the job. just set it off before you leave home to go somewhere and air the place out when you return.


    • Oh yeah, pretty sure it’s bed bugs…I’ve caught plenty of them over the last few months…unfortunately, they have settled in our rooms and I’ve no idea where they are building their nests…it could be in the cracks of our walls or they may have found some other place. I’m just tired of cleaning and cleaning and still ending up as their buffet food…😢


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