Goodbye September, HELLO October!

September flew past! I can hardly believe October is here.

September was such a fun and happening month, I borrowed an idea from Shelley hereΒ to do recaps to catch up with the rest of the month before moving on to the next. I kinda like the idea of looking back at the past month before welcoming the next one.

So! My September was very memorable because I had a staycation in Sentosa and this was the first time I had a holiday break in a LONG LONG time!

There was a promotion for corporate rates for Hard Rock Cafe Hotel here in Sentosa and I took the opportunity to take a short break, enjoying a visit to Universal Studios (USS) and staying a night there. It was still expensive so I just stayed for one night but this weekend was a splurge!

One of the memorable weekend visits also happens to be to the Artscience Museum which had a Dreamworks exhibition. I’m a big fan of animation movies, it’s usually my favourite kind of movies so it was especially interesting to see the behind stories.

September also happened to be a very hazy period, like literally. The haze enveloping Singapore was quite bad that they even cancelled school for one day! That has NEVER happened in all my life.

This month has also been a stressful and nerve wrecking month because I finally made a decision! It was not an easy decision to make and I still panic at times at the thought of it. I don’t really wish to talk about it for now because things are still uncertain but I will have more updates when I am able to. πŸ™‚

Lastly, I have to say that this month has been wonderful mostly because I got out of the funk that I was in. I had gotten such warm, encouraging words when I posted about the stressful time these last months that I managed to stop myself from thinking too negatively all the time. I realised that I was wallowing too much in these negativity and stress that I could not even look after myself. In writing that post, I was able to change my perspective to look at things more positively rather than negatively and this changed the way I felt ever since. I have been much happier, cheerful and this showed at home and at work.

I’m also happy to say that I have tried to be more consistent with my writings but I am still trying with my social media. That one’s going to take some time for me to catch up and it is still in the works. I hope next month will be better…;)

Lastly, lastly. I had an opportunity to sit through a workshop that made me re-think my perspective. Through this workshop, I learnt that I cannot always wait to find time to do something if it is important to me but that I have to MAKE time to do it if I think it is important enough for me. That workshop definitely created an impact on me. πŸ™‚

And that’s it for the updates! It does seem like last month was a very interesting month indeed but I am looking forward to more next month.


Bought this magnet with this quote which I thought was quite appropriate!

How have your September been? Any exciting news to share?? πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “Goodbye September, HELLO October!

  1. Great to hear that you got out of the swampy territory and things seem to look better. September was so so for me. Sure we were in China for several weeks towards the end of the month we were back and now it’s still trying to get used again to normal life :p

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    • Thank you! Been indoors a lot because of this haze …unfortunately, not much that we can do for it…😱😷 been sick as well so it’s definitely not a good start to Oct..hehe…hope yours have been good! 😊


  2. Great idea to have recaps! I will be pretty bad in doing so – I have some posts from previous months to complete yet! I am really sorry about the haze..Indonesia is the culprit 😦 Terrible..terrible..and sad as well 😦

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    • Haha, you can slowly post..I have not posted all of mine either..and the haze, well, you don’t have to apologise! I tell my friends we just have to live with it. No point blaming people for it when there are so many things involved. But I saw that Indonesia is finally accepting help so maybe with the combined effort, the fires will soon be gone and we can have our clear skies again…yay! 😊


  3. Sha, like I probably told you on IG [I can’t remember if I wrote it or not, but I thought it], you introduced me to a new word and concept – staycation. Oh, and I love animation movies as well!

    I am glad to hear that you are back in the positive swing of things and you have a brighter outlook these days. These past few months have been rather difficult for me as well as I am still coming to terms with my sister passing. However, it is important to keep moving forward and find continue to find joy and happiness.

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