Be Impulsive – Whenever, Wherever

So yesterday I let my impulse get the better of me. I managed to ride my way over the waters in a swaying cable car, squished sand between my feet, listened to the waves crashing on the beach and survived a hair-raising lift among the treetops on my return back to civilization, all within 3 hours.

Yesterday was an extremely long day for me. A tiring day that started at 6.30 in the morning and ended only at 5.30 in the evening. I had dinner plans with my friend since it was a Saturday and had intended a quiet dinner where I could relax and rest my weary self.

Instead, we ended up riding the cable car into Sentosa and back. For those unfamiliar with Singapore, Sentosa is a small island that is close to Singapore. It is accessible by tram, car, walking or cable car.

Despite having lived here my entire life, I have never taken the cable car into Sentosa before. We saw a promotion which gave us a 40% discount for the tickets. Pondered for a few minutes and decided to go for it.

It was totally unplanned and unexpected considering we were tired from our long day. It turned out to be so worth the impulse because we got on at just the right time of the day. It totally awed me and I could hardly feel the height, mostly because I was too busy taking photos.


Hazy sunset in Singapore




BUT!! Our impulsive adventure did not end there!!

Arriving at Imbiah Lookout, we still had to make our way down to the beach to get dinner. We could have taken the tram there but why stop our adventure here? We decided to luge our way down instead.

Luging is like driving a go-kart, only you have a slope and gravity instead to pull you along. The only thing you needed to do is to apply brakes whenever you want to slow down. The slope was not as steep or long as I had imagined it to be. My way down was being blocked by others on the road so I couldn’t go as fast as I wanted to.


Luge-ing your way down

Getting there was such an exciting adventure, having dinner seemed so calming and relaxing in contrast. I was able to enjoy the soft sand under my feet, the cool breeze from the sea, chatting under the stars and even saw fireworks by the beach.

So we decided to amp the factor more for our return trip.

We took the skyride to get back to the Cable Car station. Mind you, all these are firsts for me but I doubt I will ever forget the ride up this way. I have never been so freaked out by heights in my life!


Sitting on just a metal chairlift, with my feet dangling high up in the air, I kept my hands locked tightly on the bars keeping me in my seat. I hardly moved for fear it would sway the chair and I hardly took any photos for fear that it would drop out of my hands. It just kept going higher and higher and higher. I just wanted the ride to be over.


How the skyride looks like.

My friend kept me entertained with her commentary though. She would tell me, “Look at the pretty lights behind!” and I would turn just for the briefest moment, see a blur of lights and go, “Oh, nice!” and promptly turn back to face the front.

And then she told me in a jovial voice, “Sha, just enjoy the breeze!!!”

Which was then a HUGE gust of wind came and blew all over us.

“A breeze??? More like WIND…” I told her.

We both burst out with laughter at the coincidence of the timing which I then teased her mercilessly about for the rest of the day.

The funniest was when we saw the photo that they had taken of us at the top. In it, my friend was seen smiling happily and beside her was this hunched up person with a very horrified face. Yup, that was me. I refused to buy that photo even though we laughed like crazy when we saw it.

So we ended the day with a cable car ride back to Harbourfront Centre, enjoying the Singapore night view. I kept wishing for my camera then because my smartphone is not good at night photography. Oh well, you make do when you go with impulse.

Even though our day did not end as we had planned to, it was such a wonderful and impulsive end to the day that we DID end up doing. It just serves to remind me that we should always practice impulsiveness, whether we are in our own place or travelling overseas. You never know what adventures you might end up with.


What were your adventures like when you went with impulse? Do share your stories!!

5 thoughts on “Be Impulsive – Whenever, Wherever

  1. I will be visiting Singapore in a month and this sounds like a lovely way to spend an evening 🙂 Isn’t it expensive though? Do you mind sharing how to get that 40% discount ? 😛


    • Ah, it’s a promotion for DBS, POSB, NTUC and SIngtel cardholders. Its until 4 May I believe.

      When will you be in Singapore? If I’m free, I wouldn’t mind getting one and passing it to you if you want it. 🙂


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