Tips for Solo Beach Travel

Where I'm headed to...SOON!!!!

Where I’m headed to…SOON!!!! (Photo: Jeff McNeill @ Flickr)

I’m heading out to a beach soon!!! I’m super excited for this because March and April are just crazy at work. I am in desperate need of rejuvenation but I will need to wait for May. As this will be a solo trip for me again, I thought to share my tips on traveling alone for a beach getaway.

Dress appropriately. 

Yes, I know. It’s a beach holiday, you would want to get as much sun as possible. However, just being aware of the culture there will help greatly to avoid unwanted attention. I’m heading to Malaysia which is a Muslim country so it would help to cover up a bit more than usual.

Get a spray-on sunscreen.

Getting sunscreen on your back is difficult on your own and I don’t usually like asking a stranger to help with this. I did not even realise there is a spray on version until my last trip to Sydney. It was such a great thing to have because my back actually got slightly sunburnt when I was there since it was a very hard to reach spot!

This option may not always be available for solo travelers

This option may not always be available for solo travelers (Photo: Joe Shlabotnik@Flickr)

Always be alert.

That nice stranger you met may not always be so. He may very well walk off with your belongings when you are not keeping watch. If you intend to leave your belongings unattended on the beach, just make sure you are still keeping an eye on it.

Keep it covered with your towel so that it’s not too obvious. I’m happy enough just being in shallow waters so I sometimes leave my belongings where I can see it clearly on the beach. Of course, I end up facing the beach most of the time but I’ll just end up with waves splashing into my face if I turn the other way anyway, so this usually works out fine for me.

Bring minimal or no valuables to the beach.

Just leave all of your valuables in your room if you can. Otherwise, bring as little as possible. I usually leave my camera and passport behind. My smartphone works as my camera and I bring as little cash as possible.

Bring along a waterproof pouch.

If you are interested to frolick in the waters without worrying about your valuables, you can bring along a waterproof pouch to keep them safe and dry. For my solo beach trips, I will usually bring along a waterproof pouch that can be strapped to my arm.

Most shops in Singapore do sell such armband cases for joggers but it was not waterproof so I had to get mine online. Mine has a lanyard if I wish to hang it around my neck too but I prefer it on my arm so that it is a bit less obvious. My pouch is an Overboard Pro-Sports Waterproof Arm Pack which can fit my S4 snugly with a bit of room for cash or card.

Sign up for group tours. 

I always feel that snorkeling in a group is better than by myself. I feel safer too with a lot of other people in the water around me. Of course, that’s just me. If not, tours are always great options for company when you are on your own.

Snorkeling fun together (Photo: Wikipedia)

Snorkeling fun together (Photo: Wikipedia)

Bring your shades to people watch.

You can pretend that you are so not checking out the guy in front of you. I love to people watch on the beach behind my sunglasses too!! 🙂

Reading this just makes me impatient for my holiday. I hope the days will speed by for me. Soon!!

What other tips do you have when alone at the beach? Please do share! 

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