How to Pack Effectively When You Procrastinate


Procrastinators love to delay. I should know – I am one of them. When it comes to packing for a trip, I find it a chore to go through my stuff and pack. Instead, I procrastinate until the last possible moment before I am forced to do so. Amazingly, I don’t usually forget much, oh except for the time I forgot to bring my laptop charger. That was fun to realise when I got to my destination but that’s another story. My point here is that there are ways to procrastinate and yet get away with it when it comes to packing. Here’s what I would recommend.

1. Have more than one of the same item.

I have an extra charger that I keep aside for travel. I also have an extra USB cable that I set aside for my travel. An extra toothbrush that I use for travel. Get the gist here? I have extras of my essentials so that I don’t have to keep reminding myself to bring it along. Since it’s specifically for my travels, I don’t always have to remind myself to bring it along.


Forgetting your charger can only cause you more inconvenience.

2. Keep these essentials in one place.

To stop myself from searching high and low for the things that I need on my travels when I’m rushing, I keep them in one area. It doesn’t have to be stored anywhere fancy, just accessible. I’m not the neatest of all people, for example, but I just ensure that they are within easy reach. I kinda just dump them in the cupboard beside my bed. My mum calls It messy but I like to think of it as organised mess instead.

3. Wear the same set of clothes again and again.

I don’t have any fancy fashion style when I travel. Instead, I fall back on clothes that I am comfortable in and this means clothes that I have worn countless times. So it should be no problem for you to figure out which clothes you want to bring along. If I’m heading for the beach, I pull out a few sets that I have been wearing to the beach all the time. If traveling during winter, I dig through my cupboard for the same clothes I wear for my winter travels. Yeah, it’s pretty predictable but hey, if you want to explore more options, then stop procrastinating and PACK YOUR LUGGAGE EARLY. Since I’m short on time, I’ll just go with predictable and liven it up with accessories when traveling instead. Accessories are usually pretty cheap to get if you don’t happen to bring any along.


Can’t decide what to bring along? (Photo: Joseph Brent @ Flickr)

4. Prepare ahead of time.

There are some things that I maintain ahead of time because I travel frequently. My toiletries, for example, is usually never taken out of the bag. If I can go without topping up my travel bottle with shampoo, I will usually just grab the bag and go. There’s no need to worry about forgetting something when it’s already stocked up with my usual necessities. I also have a medicine pouch that I stock up regularly when required.

5. Prepare a checklist to crosscheck.

Ok, I cheat. I have a list done up before my trip with my required items. If I have to pack in a rush, I just grab the items and dump them in my bag since I have already listed them down in my head. I will then crosscheck against my list to make sure my essentials are in my bag. I do miss out some small things sometimes but nothing that cannot be bought from the airport.


Don’t forget to check your list before leaving. (Photo: mt23 @ Flickr)

At the end of the day, I personally believe that it does not matter when you pack but how effectively you are able to pack for your trip. All it takes is a bit of planning ahead.

Do you also procrastinate when it comes to packing? What other tips are you able to share? I would love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “How to Pack Effectively When You Procrastinate

  1. My regular wardrobe is pretty much a capsule of clothes that mix and match and layer with each other. That means I can just grab items and pretty much be sure that they’ll all go with each other. Then it doesn’t take too much of an effort to grab a few accessories to pull it all together. Of course it helps if most of your sweaters / jackets / pants are neutrals. Then you only have to worry about the tops.


    • I agree!! I usually wear almost the same clothes when I travel so it’s no bother to think of which clothes to bring when I want to because I know which ones go together.


  2. Packing is actually a lot easier than most people make it out to be. I completely agree with your tip about neutral clothes. You don’t even need that many, a weeks worth at most plus a few extras such as swim shorts/costume and you are sorted. Your ablution stuff (toothbrush etc) then your electronics/chargers. Your essentials (first aid kit etc) should already be with your pack, job done. Half an hour tops.
    The best tip I can give is whatever you think you need, halve it. You can get anything you need on the road and can (and will) buy more stuff as you go.
    Great post!


    • Thanks for the tip!! Everyone keeps suggesting that I should give it a try. Sometimes I see others with a very full pack and I wonder what did they bring…haha…I don’t usually bring a lot either…..:)

      Thanks for commenting..:)


    • Hello fellow procrastinator!!! Totally understand the feeling…haha…I’m too lazy to think too much so I just pick and choose from what I have already worn before. Thanks for the follow!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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