My 10 Reasons Why Travel is FUN!!

I’m still woozy from medicine so I thought up these reasons why travel was fun to cheer myself up. I had fun writing it as they were “fond” memories that I have collected on my travels. Hope you get to enjoy reading it as much as I have writing it down.

It’s TGIF, people!!! WOO HOO!!! Okay, I think I sound a bit wacked off, toning it down a bit. Ehem. *CoughCough*


Photo: Martin Cathrae @ Flickr

My 10 Reasons Why Travel is FUN!!

  1. Sightseeing in the rain + snow in winter is FUN!!

NOT!! It’s like a double whammy, you are better off warming your frozen self in a café with hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate

Nothing beats having hot chocolate on a cold weather day (Photo: Martin Cathrae @ Flickr)

  1. It’s fun to lug around a heavy laptop on your travels!!

Especially when you forgot to bring along the battery charger.

  1.  Bus rides up winding mountain roads are fun!!

You have the additional benefit of engaging all senses, such as hearing others throwing up, seeing them doing so and following suit as well.

  1.  It’s always fun to leave your belongings on the beach!!!

…without looking out for bag-snatching monkeys in the far distance. DARN YOU PESKY MONKEYS!!


Me? I’m innocent!!

  1.  It’s fun to get lost so that you get to ask around for directions!

Which gets you more lost since you cannot understand them and just go where they point. Very clever!

  1.  It’s fun to ride through local villages!!

They are so welcoming of you, you got called fat in their local language. I understood that, you naughty boy!!!

  1.  Riding a local bus to get around was such a FUN thing to do.

Even when the bus driver was scolding you relentlessly for not giving up your seat to the elderly. I TRIED OK!! She refused!!

priority seat

(Photo: Oran Viriyincy @ Flickr)

  1.  Sticking to one side of the escalator was fun to people watch!

Except you kept getting confused which side to stay on since different countries or even different cities had different ones. Why is there no universal escalator etiquette?!!

  1.  Coming from a hot country, it’s fun to go sledding during winter travels!!!

Well, maybe only for the first few times. What goes up must come down, they say. Well, I like going down just fine, going up a steep slope multiple times is a different story.

10.  Sitting next to a gorgeous guy on a flight is so much fun!!!

Except….he went to the one sitting in front of you and asked her out. Oh well…

sleeping on plane

It’s ok, I’ll just sleep for the rest of the flight instead. (Photo: Colin Anderson @ Getty Images)

2 thoughts on “My 10 Reasons Why Travel is FUN!!

    • Hahaha…it’s mind over body…aaannndd sleeping helps a lot cos meds are drowsy…slept so much I didn’t want to sleep anymore…haha…which led me to think of this….I had fun reliving each memory…haha…:)


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