Itaewon is good for…sex??

(Photo: Nana B Agyei @ Flickr)

(Photo: Nana B Agyei @ Flickr)

Stepping into a crowded train car in Seoul with my cousin, I hear ‘psst..psst’ behind me. I didn’t think much of it and continued chatting.

Only to feel a tap on my my shoulder soon after.


I turned and faced an old man, grinning toothily at me.

“Where are you from?” He asked in English.

I pointed to myself in question. He nodded.


And thus commenced the weirdest conversation that I’ve ever had with anyone on the street.

“Singapore!! Very good country!! Not like Korea!” He wasn’t exactly being very quiet, mind you.

I could feel people around me shuffling on their feet so I smiled and hoped that I reached my stop. FAST.

He continued firing questions at me.

“Friend?” He pointed to my cousin.

I explained who she is.

“Oh hoho….very good!!”

And I reached my stop. I bowed slightly in farewell and the two of us escaped as fast as we could.

Only to hear from behind….

“Where are you going?”

He was now walking abreast with us. We told him that we needed to get to the Brown line.

“Ah!! This way is correct!”

He then walked so fast and ahead of us we thought that we had lost him.

We laughed it off and thought that was the last we would hear from him.

Reaching the correct platform, the train doors were opened so we rushed to make it in before it closed.

Only to turn around and see him weaving his way through the crowded train cars, headed directly towards us.

We kept quiet and hoped he didn’t see us.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

“Where you going?” His loud booming voice was clearly intended for us.

We ended up talking to him for the next few stops….and was relieved when our stop came.

Waiting for the doors to open, he told us this.

“Ah…you are heading to Itaewon! Itaewon is good for this!!” He was slapping one fist against his other palm repeatedly.

That action totally rendered both of us so speechless, we could just stare at him in embarrassment since he did it in full view of everyone in the train.

(For the clueless ones, slapping his fist against the palm repeatedly imitates a sexual act)

At that point, we just said farewell and rushed to exit.

The moment the door closed, we both burst out laughing uncontrollably.

While we definitely had not thought of Itaewon with that intention, he certainly gave us a very memorable day at Itaewon for it is forever etched in our mind as the place good for *ehemehem*.

Thanks Haraboji (grandfather)!!

10 thoughts on “Itaewon is good for…sex??

  1. You can’t help buy just laugh in these situations! omg i would have been completely embarrassed and even a little annoyed that someone thought thats the reason i went to Itaewon haha~~ cute


    • Haha…true, which is why we escaped as fast as we could…the funniest thing was we had no idea itaewon was known for that but we certainly know now…haha..:)


  2. Was he a Korean old guy? It’s so rare they speak english and so rare they talk about sex so freely ahahahahahah But he has a point, Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon is very famous for “ehemehem” 😉


    • Hahaha..really? Well, I had no idea Itaewon had such a reputation in the 1st place…and I’ve been to Seoul quite a few times…haha…

      He was an old korean man, I think he told me he teaches at a university so I suppose that’s why his english is pretty good. He just caught me off guard with that though!! Hahahaha….thanks for reading…:)


      • Check out my post called “The Hill” 😉 It details a special neighborhood in Itaewon known for hosting transgenders, hookers, African-Americans and gays ahahah


      • Interesting read. Will try to explore itaewon more on my next visit it would seem. I usually skip itaewon since it’s more inclined towards foreigners. Haha..thanks for the tip!!


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