My Travel Inspiration – Eat, Pray, Love

Check out my guest post here on my trip to Bali, inspired by the book!

Back when the book came out, I didn’t totally fall in love with it. It was a long story, full of emotions and expressions. I sped through the book, my mind full of imaginations and full of ideas. And then I put it aside. Done, read and moving on!

And then…and then…I watched Julia bring the whole book to life for me.

I watched Julia eat her way through her travels in beautiful Italy, just as I imagined myself eating when I travel – freely and without worry of a “muffin-top”.

I watched Julia exploring herself and making new discoveries in India, just as I imagined myself free to think and to speak and to simply do. I felt envious watching her.

I watched Julia find love and direction in Bali and I wanted to follow her there.

Which I did – only it went completely different from what I had imagined the trip to be.

Till today, I re-watch the movie whenever I lack inspiration, at the thought that life can be more than just being. And of course, that I can just do something rather than wait. For life will constantly be moving, it waits for no one.

What the book conveyed to me, the movie completed it.

And I believe there lies the power of her story, for I can never fail to re-watch the movie again and again, if at the very least to soothe my wanderlust, till my next travels.



What would your travel inspiration be? Let me know in the comments below!! 🙂

3 thoughts on “My Travel Inspiration – Eat, Pray, Love

  1. I’m sorry, maybe I bother you with comments but I was posting on google + pictures about nature mostly. Once I posted Bali, it was re-posted over 6000 times. Then I saw that Bali is really worth to visit. So I decided to go this summer. Thanks for posting this gorges posts on both blogs.


    • No worries…:)

      Bali was really beautiful. There was so much to it that I couldn’t get to all the places that I wanted to visit.

      Are you a beach lover? They have very beautiful beaches there which I wish I had more time for. If not, their mountains are also beautiful.

      I definitely hope I will be able to visit again.
      Hope you enjoy yourself there. 🙂


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