Quirky Habits when Traveling

I’ve been reading and watching so many packing lists for my intended Europe trip that it’s all becoming a blur. So instead, to refresh my mind, I decided to remind myself of my own habits that I carry with me when I travel.


Is this typical of an Asian? I’m not sure. I bring along small packets of chili sauce to tide me over, just in case. Fast food does not feel the same with only ketchup. I suppose this is a result of the food in my house. I’m so used to spicy food, I need it to feel human.


Chili sauce is commonly found in fast food restaurants in Singapore – unlike other countries

Buy a Car Home, Any Car

Okay, it does not always have to be a car as long as it’s a form of transport. It’s a habit that I started for my father so that he doesn’t feel so left out when I travel. So far, his collection includes a submarine, a tram and I recently added a ferry from Sydney. Oh, and his Porsche Spyder that I bought him from Japan, miniature version of course.


Sydney mini ferry – pretty iconic!

Finding Nemo

Yes, I am a big fan of the movie.

My hunt for Nemo has taken me to various aquariums in many cities (when there is an aquarium, of course). Nemo is an international fish, all the kids seem to only know him as Nemo every time I visited. Ironically, I didn’t manage to spot Nemo in Sydney.


no Nemo in Sydney??

So there, my list of quirky habits. Other than these, I like to think I blend in with other normal visitors. 🙂

Do you have any quirky habits when you are traveling? Please do share!!

6 thoughts on “Quirky Habits when Traveling

  1. Have fun in Europe! I went to Frankfurt, Munich, Paris and Amsterdam last October and man, I want to go back already! Hmmm.. quirky habit.. Well it’s not yet a habit but I think it’s quirky, when I was in Europe I collected autumn leaves in each city I went to. I have an album full of them. A habit that I have but not quirky is to buy Starbucks city mugs/tumbler when I visit a new country. I have a growing collection my mom thinks I’m being ridiculous.


  2. oh wait, I just realized that I do have a quirky travel habit haha I buy tea, the selections of tea in Manila is very limited, well we have TWG but you know it’s expensive.


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