The Art of Eating Alone when Travelling

…is to pretend! Eating alone is all about pretending and ignoring everyone else!

Pretend you are confident and not feeling self-conscious of eating alone. Don’t hide behind your book or phone, food is meant to be savored and enjoyed without any distractions.


Don’t be missing out on good food by other distractions!!

Look around, make up stories about the people around you. I do this all the time to entertain myself while having my meals. That couple in the corner who is talking furiously with each other? I would be trying to eavesdrop or watch them without them noticing. Or, it could be that i’m just being a busybody.

Get a table by the sidewalk if it’s available. That’s the best spot to people watch. I would sit and eat very slowly while watching everyone around me.


View for one?

So does it matter if people gives you weird looks? Just smile. And think to yourself that he’s probably envious you get to enjoy your food in peace and quiet. I do that ALL the time.

23 thoughts on “The Art of Eating Alone when Travelling

  1. Love this post! I do the exact same things πŸ˜€ I have had just one awkward solo eating experience so far. It was a fancy restaurant and my table was sandwiched between 2 couples.. I just couldn’t ignore them πŸ˜€


    • haha….eavesdropping time!! ….then I make up stories about it to my friends when I get back…haha…That’s just me I handle it though..others have their own survival methods…:)

      It’s awesome talking to you!! Post more and visit more often please..I’m just starting out…hehe…


      • Haha..yes πŸ˜€ For sure eaves dropping but when they get too lovey dovey, u can’t look at them when you want to look at them aaand it just gets awkward πŸ˜›
        Nice talking to you too!! Great to discover a fellow solo traveler with similar interests πŸ™‚ I’ll definitely keep posting and u too share your thoughts often! πŸ™‚


  2. Solo travelling opens up so many experiences that travelling in a group or as a couple won’t give you. You can sit down and enjoy a beer and a meal and watch the world go by. People watching is always fun to do too. I like to eat and do my diary when backpacking together if I can. The best thing is if you want to stay and chill you can for an hour or two, if you need a quick bite to eat then you’re not waiting on anyone but yourself. Ok, and the service! πŸ™‚


  3. same goes for me, I have this script in my head while I people watch. I don’t mind eating alone in a Park, in a fastfood chain, or in a coffee shop, but I do try to avoid eating alone at restaurants.


  4. I had never eaten alone in my entire life until about a year ago, and I’m slowly getting used to it! I like to people-watch too; some people are just too hilarious. Great entertainment!


    • Yes! It does get some used to but it’s a great time to watch people. I make up stories about the people around me all the time…thanks for following!! awesome bucket list, hope you make it…:)


  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love this piece. I find it difficult to decide where to eat when I am traveling alone and of course, you can not try everything that you want to try! The only negatives…otherwise it means you are on an adventure :).


  6. I love this! I never ate alone until I moved to Korea. My first month I was forced to eat out a lot because I had nothing to cook with. I quickly learned how to be comfortable eating alone, and it’s exactly as you described. Fake it till you make it.


    • Haha, glad that you can identify with it. I did this in Korea too but it did make me miss out on some of the food since they only serve it for 2..thanks for dropping by and for the follow. Do keep posting more stories, I miss korea..haha..:)


    • Interesting concept. I saw something like this in Korea too in a japanese restaurant.

      But then again, Japan seem to be the best place to eat solo and never having to worry about it. I remember all the times when I ate by myself there I felt very comfortable as there are other people having their food by themselves.

      Except for that one time when I was the only female among all the other male solo eaters. I felt uncomfortable only that one time cos everyone seemed to avoid seating next to me until they had no choice.

      In fact, I even commented to my friend that their dining table arrangements are usually not catered for big groups but rather for single eaters. They tend to have a lot of countertop dining styles…or maybe it’s just the places that I usually go for…haha..



  7. I’m a loner these days. And here in the Middle East it’s single as in single sex. Families eat in an entirely different separate area. And because I eat early it’s usually an empty place. It’s not sad. There is the serenity of eating good food. The iTouch holds countless books and some of my favorite images. Fine food can be a wait but it allows time to wind down. And media can stretch time to enjoy the meal.


    • Interesting, so there are separate rooms for both genders? I suppose that’s expected from the Middle East.

      I too don’t find eating alone sad. For me, this is actually my time. So I spend it watching people or most often I use the time to reflect while watching people. πŸ™‚


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