Importance of Managing Expectations

They say ignorance is bliss. I would say instead that my common sense failed me that day.

That day, I embarked on one of my longest walks ever on a whim, walking from Bondi beach to Coogee beach in Sydney.

Wonderful reviews were written, lavishing praises on the stunning views along the walk. Sure, I can’t contest that. The views were jaw-droppingly stunning. I had to keep stopping to take photos.

bondi walk

at the beginning part of the walk – awesome views

What I had failed to take note of was how long the walk would really take.

So, total duration I took?

More than 3hrs by which time the sun was edging closer and closer to sunset.

I walked up slopes, up and down steps, saw a cemetery – stopped to take photos.

bondi walk2

cemetery overlooking the sea along the walk

Lost my way at Bronte beach and thought of staying but decided to move on when I saw a sign indicating 1.5 hour to Coogee beach.

Soon, I started to despair when there was no beach in sight or much people around me. At this point of time, I was tired from walking, cranky from the hot sun and wishing I could turn back.

I passed by Gordon’s Bay – wishing and hoping for an end to the walk.

gordon bay

Gordon’s Bay

And then I hit THE slope.

It was literally a 45 degree slope up and down the other way with steep steps to the top at the end of it. It was my hardest hurdle on this walk. Getting past this, I still had to walk past Clovelly beach to get to Coogee beach.

Catching my first glimpse of Coogee beach from the top of the cliff has never been more welcomed. I was hot, tired, limping from a blister on my foot and it was all I could do to suppress myself from sitting down on the sand outright.

coogee beach

first glimpse of Coogee beach on the walk

The long walk made the water look inviting so it didn’t take much to convince me to take a dip. 

Which brings me to the title of this post. I suppose I should have expected this in the first place but I probably assumed that Sydney waters would seem like those back here in Singapore just because it’s summer.

BUT the water…was numbing cold. I lasted only 15 mins before I had to get out.

I spent the rest of the remaining time on the beach soaking up the sun rays, hoping to get my body temperature back to normal.

So what has this taught me?

To have no expectations when traveling and just enjoy. It makes a much better experience that way.

Oh, and to get good walking shoes instead of wearing sandals on such a long walk. I did mention that I lost my common sense, yes?

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