On the Road Update: Is it the end of Paradise for me?

Looks like my holiday of lazy beach days and pigging out is officially over. 

It’s back to reality, no more staying hours by the beach, no more eating good (but expensive) food. I’m officially back on a big town with my savings desperately needing help and back to long walks around town to get around.

I LOVE it nonetheless. 

Whangarei is just under 2 hours away from Paihia and the very place I need to whip myself back to work (especially those weight I put on eating and eating). 

My first glimpse of Whangarei

It has so many supermarkets here (cue starry eyes here), lots and lots of walking trails (burn fat burn!) and not to mention, lots of eye candy around for me (a.k.a. window shopping). Can I just say I am totally not a small town girl? I love, love, love it here already for these reasons. 

My walking regime started as soon as I arrived when I realised how cruel my hostel will be to me for the next few days. I mean, I love the view and all that but…having to walk at least 20mins to get to it AND climb up this slope to the top everyday? *sobs*

The slope of doom…..


I still love it anyway, walking is my new thing now. I’ve been walking so much I got angsty in Paihia when there wasn’t much walking needed.

So yeah, heading to bed on this cold and rainy day here.Look out for more soon! 😄😄 


10 thoughts on “On the Road Update: Is it the end of Paradise for me?

  1. Sorry, I’m sort of lost now from you at. 🙂 Which one is the “paradise”? 🙂 I’ve been having a lot of ‘travel breaks’ lately too, due to other responsibilities, weather, and of course, budget. 😀


    • It’s the end of Paradise’s paradise? 😉 I get you about the breaks..I have to take the same kind of breaks here too..if only my pockets r always as full as what my eyes see..😄😄


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