On the Road Update: Travelling Long Term is Hard

Hello from Paihia or better known to be in the Bay of Islands, just hours north from Auckland!! 

As you can probably guess from my photos on social media, this area here is full of islands aka beach paradise. And I have been in so much sun here, it feels almost like home. Almost but not quite, hehe.

I’ve been quite homesick here because all the travelling started to catch up with me and I started to feel tired of travelling. 

I spent last week here in Paihia and the week before in Auckland. I changed hostels twice when I was there. 

I wanted to stay in Paihia again this week so I moved hostels today because the last one was not cutting it for me. I had so much issues and drama during my time there, I just feel tired. Or it could be that I am falling sick, my head and throat hurts and all I want is my mum’s pampering instead.

I’m feeling a bit happier at this new hostel though, mostly because it has free and unlimited wifi. Unlimited and goooooodddd wifi!! That’s like so rare to find here in New Zealand, I’ve kind of given up on it..haha. I don’t mind if I have to sit in the main lounge to get it as long as it is good.

So for now, Paihia is home and I will try to get settled for the remaining week here. I am kind of missing the mountains a little because I miss my walking exercises but I try to walk a little bit more here instead. And then I end up sitting by the beach instead. Oh well. Making full use of being close to the beach while I still can. 🙂

Planning to move to Whangarei next week to explore and then it’s back to Auckland for my flight to Nelson. Cos I found a job there!! Super excited to be staying in a place longer than a month, I’m so looking forward to being able to buy things and not carrying it around in my overloaded backpack. 😐

I’ll try to update more since I have better wifi here but no promises. My head hurts, I just wanna lie in bed. It will be a happier post next time. I want it to be happier. 

Cheers! ^_^

8 thoughts on “On the Road Update: Travelling Long Term is Hard

  1. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well – sometimes traveling can be very stressful on the body, so take care.

    I am loving all the photos you are posting on Instagram. I have never been to NZ and I am quite excited to see it through your eyes!!

    Good luck with the job and keep those photos on IG coming! 🙂

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    • I think so too, totally didn’t regret doing it but now I’m itching to do it again. Adulthood is making me sensible though…hahaha, thanks for reading nevertheless!


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