Lack of Updates = Life Has Been Grey

Mountains in New ZealandMy backpack has long been put away, my travel essentials stored, my meager pile of clothes have been long washed and kept. Life on the road has been over for a while. A year has passed since I left for New Zealand and 6 months since I returned home.

Yet I thought it is still worthy to peep in once in a while but no words were satisfactory enough to convey all that i wanted to say of my trip. So I thought I would start with this small post. Small steps rather than big leaps, so to say.

Recently, life has also been a lot of greys. There are things that happened while I was travelling in New Zealand and more that happened after I returned. It is not all sunshine and cheer, I am writing this on a relatively good day for me. I’m taking things bit by bit, day by day. Some are good days, some are bad days. I hope I can look forward to more good than bad. I can make an attempt to keep this more updated then.

Anyway, enough with the gloom and doom.

It will be the weekend soon, Yay! ^^

11 thoughts on “Lack of Updates = Life Has Been Grey

  1. I totally understand screeching to a halt when you’ve been on a life changing experience and then you seemingly feel like there’s nothing to look forward to. Just remember that life itself is an adventure and try and look forward to the little things too. I remember coming home to the UK after spending three years in the States and I was like “what now?” I had no clue and I was stuck in that mode for a while. Since then I sought out adventure where possible, it’s only recently I’ve started to enjoy my time at home as well as being away. It’s very different, but I know for me personally this isn’t always going to be home for me so I’m trying to make the most of it.

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    • Hahahaha, yes! I am alive! Haha…I’ve been to Seoul recently actually…a very quick one…haha…but not to worry too much, it’s just some medical thing going on…I’m hoping I stabilise soon so I can move on…haha…:)


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