London-Paris-Edinburgh in 24 days – A Short Recap

Such a mouthful. In reality, it would actually be London-Paris-Edinburgh-London but it got too long so this should do.


My first glimpse of London from above!

Spending my days on the other side of the world for me was exciting at first but hard and tiring to keep up with towards the end as I was trying to finish what I wanted to see. After all, who knows when I will get to travel this far again. Having a 12 hour time difference also meant that there is limited time for me to communicate with my friends and family so it made me feel a bit lonely travelling solo sometimes.

My initial plan was to visit London and Edinburgh only but I got persuaded to add in Paris since it is so close to London. I can at least now say that I’ve visited 3 countries in Europe. Yay! 🙂


View of Paris from Sacre-Coeur in Montmarte

I spent my first 2 nights in London to get used to the time change and then moved on to Paris for 4 days. Then, it was back to London again for 3 nights and then to Edinburgh for 4 days and back to London again after that. It was tiring to be moving around so much so I was happy to stay in London after all that and hibernate for a while before exploring more of London.

I had a lot of time exploring London but a small budget to explore the whole England so I only made one day trip to Bath. I loved it so much I was there till night even though it was a rainy day. I usually don’t stay out too late if it is raining but this one time was worth it.


Strolling along the Royal Crescent in Bath. Can you believe that this was the only bit of sunshine I had on this day? It lasted a whole hour. The rest of the day there were full of grey gloomy skies, unlike in this photo.

I did the usual touristy places in Paris so I can check that off my list. Visiting the Palace of Versailles and walking around the palace and its grounds was such an amazing experience, it was the highlight of my Paris trip. All that history and beautiful architecture totally made my day.


Visiting the Palace of Versailles

Edinburgh though, oh, I wish I could have so much more time in Edinburgh. My time there was short but I loved everything there so I will definitely find some way to make it back to Edinburgh. From the old historical town in Edinburgh to the tour I took out of Edinburgh exploring old castles, mountains and small towns, everything fascinated me and made me thirsty for more. The constant rain throughout my trip did not even dampen my spirits for once.


View of Edinburgh’s Old Town and Carlton Hill from Edinburgh Castle.

Lastly, if you would have noticed, I have peppered this post with a few mention of rain. I went there in the month of November so unfortunately, there was a lot of rainy days when I was there. I had good weather in Paris where I could get away with just a cardigan since there were more sunny days than rainy days. People around me, though, were dressed in full winter jacket and mufflers.

I did not bring a winter jacket this trip since it is quite bulky and I was travelling with just my backpack. I endured the rain and cold winds of London initially but gave in to the cold and bought a jacket and gloves before heading up to Edinburgh for which I was forever grateful. Edinburgh’s weather was not kind to me and I had many days wishing for better shelter from the strong and bitterly cold winds.


Seeing snowcapped mountains were a common occurrence throughout my day trip out of Edinburgh. Even the gloomy weather cannot take away the beauty of all these nature. Loved it all!

I had not intended to write this long, forgive me for rambling on about everything and anything. I had initially wanted to provide a short summary but the words ran away from me and it appears I had more to say than I had initially thought.

I’ll continue with more of my stories next time.

Cheers! 🙂

Have you been to any of this cities? Do you share the same thoughts as me? Or have you been in any rainy or cold situation when travelling? I was cold, very cold throughout the whole trip…haha…Please do share any thoughts below. 🙂

4 thoughts on “London-Paris-Edinburgh in 24 days – A Short Recap

  1. Sha like you we try to fit in as much as we can. Decades ago we did a trip to San Francisco and practically froze. Now we always pack in layers including a thin down jacket that can roll into its own pocket and a rain jacket. Together they make a great protection from the elements. 🙂

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    • Haha, thanks for the tip Sue! I’m trying to put together my packing essentials for NZ and I will probably have to do the same since I will be arriving during winter and staying till summer..I hope I don’t repeat my mistake this time..haha


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