Fascinating Sights Enroute to London

So there are actually a lot to update about my November trip. It was my first trip to London, my first trip to Europe, my first trip on a 12 hour flight, or should I say a 12 hour DIRECT flight to London, my first time dealing with jet lag, my first time dealing with a 12 hour time difference which made me feel really alone at times. This trip had so many firsts  for me, even though I’ve been travelling around Asia for years.

So when I first prepared myself for a 12 hour direct flight, all I could think of was to try to stay awake as long as possible to minimise any jet lag when I arrive in London. Keeping myself awake with watching as many movies as I can, a glance outside the window after I started getting bored just blew me away at one time that it kept me occupied and awake the whole way to London.

I was able to see tall mountains with their peaks just below and above the clouds. At one point the mountain was directly under the plane and I could see right down to the mountain tops full of snow. I had my face plastered against the plane window trying to take photos, videos or just to stare in amazement at what I get to see below from way above the clouds.

So as much as I want to post on my adventures, I insist on sharing this wonderful nature first so that I can feel justified being occupied with watching all the mountains that we passed through on this flight. I hope you can see the same beauty through the photos below. The pictures truly does it no justice. It was such an awesome experience for me to see all these personally.

london flight 6

The plane flew directly above this mountain, we were so close that I just needed to look down!

london flight 5

Passing by another mountain with the sun setting in the background. My flight was chasing the sunset and unfortunately, I did not manage to see the full sunset from up here.

london flight 8

Such a tall mountain to have their peaks above the clouds.

london flight 9

More mountaintops! 🙂

london flight 10

This one had snow on some of the peaks and not the rest of the mountains, why is this so? I’m curious…0.0 Observe the peaks in the previous photo in the far distance here.

london flight 11

The same mountain from above, only after the plane have passed some distance. Can you see how big the mountain is? These are all above the clouds! Wow!

london flight 12

Same mountain, only with an aircraft flying above it. This plane seemed to be escorting my plane, not too sure whether this is correct. I saw it beside my plane for some distance only. Could it be because of the airspace my plane was flying through? Hmmmm..

I have many more photos but these should be good enough, aren’t these all beautiful?

What about you? Have you ever passed by any memorable scenery on the plane before? Please do share! 🙂







15 thoughts on “Fascinating Sights Enroute to London

  1. For some reason I can never fall asleep in the plane any longer. When I was younger I fell asleep asap and had to be waken up all the time for refreshments and food but these days it is just impossible for me. So when we fly from Finland to China (7 1/2 h) I just watch movies non-stop 🙂
    Usually the flight is for us during the night so I never really see anything until morning time when we pass over the Mongolian steps and that is about it. Over China I see usually nothing at all, just smog :p

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