Chasing after my Plane Ride


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It played out like a drama scene. That nail-biting feeling you get that keeps you at the edge of your seat waiting to find out the ending. We knew we had made a mistake and miscalculated the time required to travel to the airport for our flight back home. We were hoping that it will not end in us missing our flight.

We were restless on the train. We kept checking the time. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 5.25pm but at 4.30pm, we were still in the train on the way to the airport.

We strategized while waiting with an uneasy mind. She would return the rental phone and I’ll go check-in for the flight.

The train started to approach the platform. Time check: 5pm.

We moved to stand right at the doors, waiting impatiently.

Ready. Set. Go!

The moment the doors opened, we burst out and ran for the nearest exit.

We couldn’t find the lift so we got on the escalator instead. It was too slow for us.

Time check: 5.05pm!!

We had no choice. RUN!!!

We ran up the escalators, dodging people left and right.

Oh, did I mention I was carrying a full sized suitcase with me? I ran up these escalators, carrying my heavy luggage up FOUR floors!!!!

We were breathing so heavily that we could only hear our loud gasps for air but we didn’t even dare spare time to catch our breaths. Our only thought was to catch that flight.

My friend went off to return the rental phone and I scrambled to the top. At the top, I asked an airport staff for information.

I literally went…“WHERE!!…(GASP)…IS!!…(GASP)…ROW!!…(GASP)…ANA!!…(GASP)?”

I had no breath left to talk. She couldn’t understand me.

(GASP) ANA!! (GASP) ANA!!” I was practically shouting at her.

She pointed me towards row F. Just my luck, it was ALL the way at the furthest end.

Dragging my luggage, I ran all out towards it. Time check: 5.10pm

Reaching the row, I rushed past the queue to explain my situation.


I almost collapsed in exhaustion. I tried to calm myself down from the wild run there.

And then I remembered.


She told me my friend had to be there now to still make it for the flight. I paced back and forth, keeping my eye locked in the far distance, hoping to see a glimpse of my friend. I was biting my nails in frustration while pacing impatiently. We can still make it!!

Time Check: 5.15pm

No friend in sight ANYWHERE!

She called me over to the counter and said the words that I didn’t want to hear, “I’m sorry, it is too late.”

My heart sank and I pleaded with her for another 5 minutes. She regretfully shook her head at me. I did not know what to do. My mind was a mess. I’ve never missed any flights before. We were so close to making it!

My friend came running up to me then and I told her the bad news.

The staff was nice enough to check for alternative flights without us asking. Perhaps she saw our blank faces and took pity on us. She made some calls and informed us that she could reschedule our flight to the next available ones the next morning instead. We just agreed, we were still in a state of disbelief.

She wrote down everything for us and that was it.

Time Check: 5.25pm

Goodbye plane ride home….It looks like we will still be around for another night.

I ended up calling my family and office to sheepishly tell them that I will be delayed for another day because I MISSED MY FLIGHT.

They ALL laughed at me when I explained my situation.

I could do nothing else but to laugh along.


19 thoughts on “Chasing after my Plane Ride

  1. Missing your flight is the worst! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a similar situation. I always plan on being early … but somehow I still always manage to run late. Sorry to you and your friend. Hopefully you can enjoy your night!


    • Lucky for you!! This was my first and hopefully my last…I sure do not want to explain how I missed my flight yet again to my family. I will never live it down with them…haha…:)


  2. It’s a typical traveller’s nightmare – being late for a flight. I have travelled so many times by plane and never ONCE been late for over 100 flights. Because I am far too OCD to let it happen. In fact I have been ridiculously early for flights so many times! At least it sounded like it all worked out okay for you there Sha. Did you have to pay for another flight? Great reading!


    • Hahaha…good for you…it was just a series of misadventures on this trip somehow…I pretty much make sure I’m very early for my flights nowadays, especially when its for home..

      I didn’t have to pay anything, which was strange but I didn’t realise this until my friends asked me about the fees…we were too much in a daze I suppose…so maybe she took pity on us then….but we did splurge on a 4 star hotel nearby as a consolation for that night!!…haha…thanks!!


    • Hello!! Thanks for reading. So you must be pretty experienced in running for your flights?

      It was a pretty horrible feeling that you never want to know. I’m happy to say that I’ve since managed to be very early for any of my other flights…I’m hopeful this will never happen again..haha…how about you?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah!! Panicking at Security, running to find the time board, dragging my mother out of shops because we were supposed to be boarding, haha we’ve done it all! Surprisingly never missed a flight though, i think you do just have to laugh about it. I always prefer to be early, it just takes a bit of pressure away, i always get nervous in airports so being early and prepared is a must!
        I’m glad you’re able to laugh about it – one of those cry now laugh later moments! I loved the post,
        Halle 🙂


      • Haha, sounds like you’ve been through it all then..hopefully this never happens to you…it’s definitely one of those memorable stories to be told after your trip..thanks for reading!! 🙂


  3. Love your story. My husband and I missed our flight back to the UK on our honeymoon. It’s never as bad when you are stuck at the holiday destination rather than your home though. Love the blog.


  4. There was a time where I was JUST there in the nick of time. Dang, your friend is slow. 😀 😛 There was also a time when I missed a flight for being a bonehead. I misread my flight date that I missed it one full day. Again, BONEHEAD. Very nice read. It was exciting, exhilarating, indeed nailbiting and enjoyable. We “ordinary” people do have movie moments in our lvies. 😉


    • Yeah, I was literally biting my nails while waiting…hahaha…I’ve had a few friends who missed their flights because they misread the dates too but I suppose having to chase for your flight just makes your trip that more memorable I suppose….hahaha…thanks for reading…:)


  5. Great writing, love it! But this truly is my worst nightmare. I’ve only missed one flight in my life and that was a missed connection due to my first flight being delayed, but it ended up with me being on stand-by for 4 more hours until I found out I could get on the later flight. Never again!


    • Thanks for reading!! I do agree that this is one of the worse thing that can happen to a traveller. All I can say is I make sure I am always early for all my flights now….to an absurd sense of paranoia…hahaha….there have been some close shaves when it came to flight connections but that is beyond my control sometimes so I just try to go with the flow….:)


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