Spreading the Love…

Special mention to Duke and Mahesh for their kind nominations. Any nominations are welcomed because it means that at least someone reads my posts. Haha! April has been a tough month for me with an additional portfolio at work which means that I struggle to make time to write. So yes, I’ll try to do better.

Mahesh was very kind to nominate me for the Versatile Blogger. Really sorry I took this long to do this for you. I really am grateful for it!!! Please do check out his blog – his posts are always great insights.

Duke nominated me for the Liebster Award (another one!) which I’m thankful for! Since I’ve already done one round of it, I’ll answer his questions instead:

1. Why do you write? Have fun with this:)

I’ve always liked to write but life got in the way. Plus, I was not too confident of it which means I just went with the flow when I finished school years ago.

2. Where do you find yourself most happy?

Anywhere there is no work…haha! I love the beach so I will sometimes take a day off from work to play at the beach. 🙂

3. If there was one thing you could change about your personality, what would it be?

My bossiness. Not many people can travel with me because of this. However, I like to think it’s an inherited trait. If you think me bossy, you should meet my father. I give up arguing with him anytime.

4. If you could rule the world for one day, what would you change?

It’s impossible to change anything for the better with only one day…:)

5. What is your favorite book/author?

Don’t really have any. When I think I like an author, I may not like some of their books down the road. I prefer to keep my options open because people change all the time.

6. Do you need to get outside to find inspiration or do you prefer staying put to channel your thoughts?

Both. I find inspiration from reading other peoples’ stories as well as my own travels.

7. How long have you been writing and where do you see this going?

Newbie here!!! I hope to be able to write for as long as I can.

8. What is your routine for writing? Do you have a ritual?

I usually write for the weekends. No routine involved, opens laptop and start writing. Sometimes I already have an idea of what to write on but sometimes the laptop stares at me instead (this means that I fall asleep with the laptop on ^.^)

9. Has there ever been a time where you had to rethink your path and felt things needed to change?

Constantly but I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m at least satisfied with the path that I intend to pursue. Took a long time to come to this!! I’ve also been thinking of putting in some changes for this blog since it has grown but will need to take some time to take action on it. Please do look out for it. 🙂

10. Who is your go-to musician?

It really depends on my mood but when I’m really down and in need of a boost, I eat chocolates. And stuff myself with food. Yes, I know it’s a vicious cycle but food is my comfort rather than music. Now I have all of you!!!

11. How do you stay positive about writing?

I’m not. Every time I write, I have to make myself wait a few seconds before I can make myself publish what I write. I’ve very critical of my own writings, I’m afraid. Being positive all the time is hard!!

Phew!! Such tough questions for me to answer…..Below is me spreading my love to everyone.

Bemused Backpacker – good travel tips and travel insights

Halle Sian – funny travel stories, love you spreading your cheerfulness around…:)

Foreign Sanctuary – stories about living in foreign land, I love to read stories like these

Derricks Adventure – lots and lots of adventure!!

The Canadian Kiwi – the name says it all..:)

The Travel Lush – travel stories around Asia

My list keeps getting smaller and smaller!!! Sorry about that, please do check them out, they are all wonderful blogs that I enjoy reading.

My questions if you wish to play along!!

1. What did you have for breakfast today and with what weather?

2. Do you know where Singapore is? Haha! This is an easy question!!

3. One place that you still wish to visit.

4. Afternoon coffee or afternoon tea?

5. One thing that you wish you knew before travelling.

That’s it!! Short and simple..:)

Back to writing more posts, enjoy the remaining weekend!!!

14 thoughts on “Spreading the Love…

  1. Hmmm….question no. 2 might not be easy for some. When I was living in Galicia, my elderly neighbours had no idea where Singapore was, so for 9 whole months, I was the girl from Thailand, China and even The Eastern European girl! I went with it though, bless them…they were old. 😊


    • Hahaha…that’s true…it’s an easy question if you have travelled around asia….but yeah, I’ve travelled to places in Australia where they have no idea where singapore is…hence the question!! ^_^


  2. Congrats on the nomination! That’s so cool 🙂 And I really enjoyed reading your interview questions. I love the honesty of #11 because I can totally relate. I tend to cringe every time I click “publish.” You’re a great writer and now you have a nomination to prove it!! Also, thanks for spreading the love. That was completely unexpected and totally made my day!


  3. It sounded like safe answer. 😀 😛 BUT, I do feel there’s lots of honesty to them. Nice to meet you. I’m with you on #6. 😉 Congrats, more power and have fun blogging.


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