“Cherry Blossom” Season in Singapore

Singapore’s been having a bit of a weird weather recently. It would be hot and sunny in the morning with thunderstorms in their full glory in the evening. It would be SO hot and humid to sleep at night and then it would be cool and rainy the other. It was even slightly hazy this evening. Used to be that I would know when to keep an umbrella handy, nowadays I just keep an umbrella around since I could never predict the weather.

However, nothing has surprised me more than the news that Singapore has its very own version of cherry blossoms here. And they are blooming like crazy. They say that it’s due to the long drought that we recently had. The rain that came after the drought has apparently brought on the crazy blossoming of flowers here.

I’ve seen it in passing when travelling around and can say that they are extremely pretty!!! These photos posted captures the beautiful flowering trees very nicely.

Note: Photo credit goes to as mentioned.


Photo: Ed Cheong via Straits Times Facebook


Photo: Benjamin Seetoh @ TNP


Photo: Iboy Kcwood via Straits TImes Facebook

I don’t expect this to last for very long though so if you happen to be in Singapore during this period, do keep a lookout for these flowers!! They are everywhere now. 🙂

9 thoughts on ““Cherry Blossom” Season in Singapore

    • Awww, that’s fast!! I think it’s the best feeling for spring to see the sakura on the trees. Did they bloom a bit later this time round?

      I have yet to visit during the sakura season but I would love to visit Hirosaki castle grounds during this period. I went there during winter and it is such a beautiful area, I’m sure it would look even more beautiful during the blooming period.


    • Yeah…i also think cherry blossoms are really pretty when all of the trees are covered in their bloom…simply awe-inspiring..but singapore don’t really have any…which is why I find it amazing that all these trees were blooming like crazy…I would have to say they look just as pretty as cherry blossoms…but ok…I will still think cherry blossoms are prettier…haha…:)


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