Naked Mortification at a Jimjilbang (Sauna)

Okay, there’s no other easier way to say this. I got naked in front of strangers and survived to live another day. Pondering in remembrance of said mortification.

Never have there been a day when I so badly wanted to cover myself up than the day I tried out the Korean sauna experience (Jimjilbang).


I’m shy………(Credit: Flickr Misteraitch)

A jimjilbang is essentially a sauna but the Korean experience offers you hours of entertainment where you can bake yourself in the many varieties of sauna rooms, soak in the hot tubs, massaged or have your back scrapped of all dirt (remember – no pain, no gain). The jimjilbang that I went to also had an arcade, an outdoor pool and restaurant. They certainly pull out all the stops to keep you there longer, after all I was charged in blocks of 4 hours.

So I got naked. Died of embarrassment.

Ignored the young boy staring at me when I’m naked. Made me wonder what’s the age limit for young boys in these rooms.

Showered and got into the tub with other naked ladies.

Got out after some time to rinse off.


N.O. W.A.T.E.R.


RIIIGGGGHHHHHTTTTT…apparently water supply has been cut off due to quality testing.

So…what to do now?

Do as others do and started to scoop water from the hot tubs to rinse myself off.

I felt so fresh and clean. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Naked Mortification at a Jimjilbang (Sauna)

    • Haha…yes…I went alone so it wasnt too bad…the only mortifying part was the baths but the rest of the sauna experience was pretty good. I spent 4 hours there which I initially thought was too long but in the end felt too short..haha..

      Once you get past seeing other people naked and getting stared at…u just get on with it I suppose…do give it a try…its definitely an experience to remember…:)


  1. Hilarious! I am such a huge fan of jjimjilbangs despite the stares and occasional stank eye! When I lived in Busan, SK, I went hung out at the jjimjilbang almost every weekend. So luxurious and relaxing!


    • I enjoyed my time there too, just had an added benefit of no water for shower during my stay there.:)

      Are the ones in Busan the same as Seoul? I’ve been to Busan only once but had no time to visit a jimjilbang then. 🙂


      • I can’t imagine not having water for the shower at the jjimjilbang. Crazy! And yeah, the jjimjilbangs are basically the same no matter what city. Even the Korean jjimjilbang I visited in the states is pretty much the same. There are varying degrees of fanciness. Still, the most upscale jjimjilbang I’ve ever tried is Spa Land at Shinsegae in Busan. Give that one a go if you get a chance!


      • Hahaha, yes, it was certainly an experience that time. I ended up scooping water from the hot tubs to wash off. Everyone around me was doing the same thing.

        I didn’t realise that there are jimjilbangs in US too. Will be sure to check out Spa Land if I’m visiting Busan again.

        Thanks!! 🙂


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