Sandboarding With an Injury in Lancelin, Perth

lancelin perth

Didn’t expect the sand dunes to be this big and empty. There were only another family besides us when we reached.

If you had read my earlier post, you would have read that I had sprained my ankle halfway through the trip. That was also not the only thing that I did. I got stubborn and refused to stop my plans for the trip and that included a trip out to Lancelin to try out sandboarding. Or at least tried to. It’s harder than I thought it would be to sandboard with an injured ankle.

Fact One:
It is not easy to walk on sand. It is harder still to climb a hill of sand. It is worse when you try to do it on an injured ankle because the sand is so soft that you really have to exert a lot of pressure to move up. I did it anyway.

lancelin, perth

Sandboard at your own peril!

Fact Two:
To sandboard down, you need to get to the top of the hill first. Not exactly the best idea to have when you have to climb that steep sand dune on an injured ankle. The thought of climbing all the way back up again after sandboarding down is not an appealing idea.

lancelin, perth

When it hurts too much to stand on your injured ankle, the sand is perfect to roll around instead.

Fact Three:
Sandboarding down a steep (about 45 degree angle), uneven sand dune with an injured ankle sounds and looks scary. I chickened out, by the way. 🙂 It still made for a very fun albeit tiring walk up the sand dune, even if it is at our own expense.

lancelin, perth

See those people at the top? That’s how tall the sand dunes were…

Fact Four:
It is worth it to climb to the top if only for the views. The view from the top was just amazing and you could see far out in the distance. Up there, you get a panoramic view of Lancelin, its surrounding lands and a glimpse of the coastline.


I would so do it again even if I had an injury because it was worth the climb to the top. We had fun playing with the sand up there, taking photos against the beautiful background and trying to slide my way down after. I do wish that I had spent more time there though as there were other sand dunes that were empty of people but there was only so much that I could do on my injured ankle. And honestly, it hurt more to walk on sand because your feet just sinks down on it. I had to really struggle up that one sand dune but the fun of it more than made up for it.

For Information:

– Visiting Lancelin is best combined with a trip to the Pinnacles Desert. Lancelin is about an hour and a half drive north of Perth and the Pinnacles is even further than that. I got a chance to visit because my room mates were planning a drive up.

– There are no shops at the sand dunes itself so it’s best to stop by one of the convenience shops in Lancelin to rent out the boards first. We didn’t know that we had to rent one from there and only managed to borrow one from someone who was already there for a very, very short time only.

– There were also no toilet facilities at the sand dunes so make sure to go before making your way there. There are toilet facilities at the nearest beach.

– Be careful while sandboarding down. Like I mentioned, the sand dunes were huge and steep. Do note the opening hours on the photo above.

Have you ever tried sandboarding or doing it with an injury? Do you think that sandboarding is too dangerous to try? Please do share! 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Sandboarding With an Injury in Lancelin, Perth

    • Yeah, it was still quite fun even with the injured ankle…haha…although sensibly, I shouldn’t have done it…but it was worth it…thanks for the comment! 😆


    • Haha…I wouldn’t expect any less from you. After that precarious walk across the mountain, this is probably baby steps for you..haha…it was indeed quite fun and I never regret climbing it even on my bad ankle…😆

      Liked by 1 person

  1. The view must be stunning up there! I am not sure I would like to try the sandboarding but maybe looking at people who do it must be already fun 🙂
    Should we use special suit for that?


  2. I have never sand boarded though it looks like it might be fun (I would probably scream the whole way down though). I applaud you for making your way up despite your injury… I don’t know if I would have done that. 🙂


  3. I am not sure, but it kind of sounds like trying to climb to the top of a hill in snow and sliding down. It is very tiring because you are constantly sinking down in the snow, but going down the hill at maximum speed is pretty awesome.

    It is too bad that you had a injured ankle when you were there. However, at least you got to enjoy the views [which from your description, sound pretty spectacular.]


    • Haha…definitely worth a try at least. Although I would say that those sand dunes are really quite high up…but you can definitely have a go at it…:)


  4. So sorry to hear that you had an injured ankle but good on your for persevering climbing up the sandy slopes! Agree it’s hard to walk on sand. I already have trouble keeping my balance walking on the sand at the beach 😀 It looked like a bit of a hot day there? I hope it wasn’t too hot and bright for you. No toilet facilities. What a good point and I will take note of that if I do visit here 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, yep, it was a pretty hot day then..haha, sand is harder to walk on I suppose but I wouldn’t recommend walking on a sprained ankle next time…you would be better off babying that sore ankle..but definitely! Give it a try, it was a really awesome place to visit…:)

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Love the spirit, and your stubbornness. Your stubbornness can get you very far. 😀 It’s actually a good trait to have. 😉 There is a famous sandhill somewhere along PCH in California. It was rough climbing it, but the view on top was rewarding as well. And so I could definitely agree and picture what you were saying. 😉


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