Travel as You Like It

travel as you like it

This is a debate that I often have with my friends. It made me realise that many people have different perspectives on travel and different ways of enjoying their travels. Some people like to splurge on their travels, some like to scrimp and budget their spendings on their travels.

That one weekend, however, my mum proved to me that you really have to travel as you like it to be.

On that weekend, I only had one question for her – “Are you enjoying yourself?”.

She would often say “Yes” but doubting her, I would keep an eye on her doing, well, basically nothing!

I would take peeks at her when I swam in the pool, observing her from a far distance. She would lie on the poolbed and fiddle with her phone.

We went over to the beach and I happily splashed my way in. She stood on the beach and just watched me play. She didn’t want to get into the water any more than she wanted to swim in the pool earlier.

So I made her answer me again. Same answer. I remain unconvinced.

We did nothing much that weekend. I swam in the pool, she watched. I swam in the sea, she ate while watching. She watched television whenever we were back in the hotel room. Most of the time, she fell asleep with the television on and was fast asleep after 9pm.

While waiting for the shuttle to the ferry terminal, I asked her for the last time.

“Mummy, are you really sure you have enjoyed yourself?” I had meant that weekend as a treat away from the family for her. It felt more like a getaway for me rather than for her.

She simply answered, “No husband, nothing to take care of but myself. Of course, I enjoyed myself a lot!!”

And then I got it.

Does it matter that she did nothing while I played? To her, she got to travel just the way she wanted it to be. By doing nothing.

29 thoughts on “Travel as You Like It

  1. Very good point! I constantly have to remind myself that other people might not enjoy the fast paced holiday I do and prefer to just chill out.
    Sometimes you have to remember to worry about yourself and let others worry about themselves 🙂


    • Yes, this ia true. I got reminded of this during this weekend trip with my mum myself. She definitely travels differently from me..haha…:)

      Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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  3. I think we all have different ideas of traveling!! I find it hard to spend an entire day lounging around the beach or the pool, but there are people who can spend the entire day at either without even moving! So usually my beach get-away in Thailand usually consists of pool time, beach time, with a massage in between, some swimming, a beach stroll, some food and some drinks, and so on!


    • That sounds awesome and that is also what I like to do too! I do like a bit of variety and more activities but it really depends on my mood. This getaway was meant for my mum so I was happy to follow along. I got lots and lots of sun swimming the whole day. 🙂


    • Hahahahaha….you know…I think that’s so true!! My mum kept saying she was happy she didn’t have to listen to my dad that weekend. Now I REALLY know the truth…hahaha…:D


  4. I’m happy doing nothing at the beach or by the pool too. My partner is always trying to get me to go for a swim with him but relaxing is one of my favourite bits of being on holiday!


    • That’s true! It’s definitely up to you how you wish to spend your travels. I’m glad I realised it with my mum because I would have been too anxious she’s not enjoying herself. I’ll let my mum know she’s not the only one who likes to do nothing at the pool or beach…haha! Thanks for sharing! 😀


  5. This is such a great post Sha! A wonderful reminder that although some of us like to be very active when we travel that isn’t always the case for others. How lovely that you and your Mom had the time together.


    • This was our first time together! Very rarely get a chance to do this so happy to have had the time to know her better…I learnt that she liked to do nothing. ..that’s her thing…hahaha…thanks for dropping by sue!! 🙂


  6. So true – everyone has their own travel style. I, get bored pretty quickly just lounging around a beach, although I find it so beautiful. I discovered my love for diving a few months ago, and it breaks up the monotony of beach days for me. 🙂


    • I like lounging around pools and beaches but to do it for long period sometimes bores me too so I usually try to include other activities. It’s different for each person, I suppose.

      Diving is pretty cool actually but I’m not sure whether I would ever be able to try it because I have a weird phobia of deep waters. I absolutely love the water but can only manage shallow ones. Hahaha…even snorkelling is just about manageable for me. Weird right?!


  7. Great post. I went to a wedding in another state with my daughter who is the mother of 2 kids under 5. She wanted to sleep in, have a leisurely meal with no interruptions and no spilt drinks or trips to the toilet. It was great for me being with her without all those interruptions as well.
    Each to their own on holiday.


  8. Hmmm … Then again, wouldn’t just be easy to do what your mom did locally than actually “traveling”. I do believe that some people, personally older people, they don’t have that drive to travel (anymore). My mom’s the same way when I took her to San Fran. Same thing when I took her to the giant trees of Muir National Park. But I think she just wanted less effort travels. 😀 Maybe they choose to have contemplative moments than actually reliving the moments. But I do believe that the idea of being somewhere else is the one that mattered to them. 😉


    • Haha..yes, I think she would have been the same if I had just taken her to a hotel instead. But she was determined somehow to get out of singapore, I have no idea why but it’s perhaps like you have suggested. She just wanted to be somewhere else I suppose..hahaha…:)


  9. I can quite understand her point of view! I sometimes wish the world would stop so I could just do nothing for a while. Of course, when travelling, I can’t quite bear to sit still. And I can definitely understand your confusion when the signals your mum was giving out were so at odds with your own plans.

    Still, it sounds like you both had a wonderful time. The best itineraries can be taken whichever way the traveller wants!


    • Haha…that’s true. I think my mom was enjoying taking a break from being a mom so I have to give her the time I suppose…it was indeed a relaxing time…she let me do whatever I wanted to do too…hehe…:)


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