No Monkey Business Please!


The moment you realise you have been outwitted, outran and outnumbered.

It was very easy to get lost in the moment.

White, sandy beach. Gorgeous clear waters, I could hardly believe this was in Malaysia. I was near Langkawi, enjoying the awesome beach and being lulled by the beautiful surroundings into my happy place.

We sat on the sand, tired from our swim, talking and taking photos.

And then, a shout “Hey!! Your bag!!”

We both swiveled our heads to check on our bags some distance behind us.


A monkey had sneaked up behind us and was rummaging furiously through my bag. I thought I was clever enough to leave my bag covered by my towel and change of clothes. I thought wrong. It ended up strewn all over the sand.

In that split second, we jumped up and the monkey fled, clutching his treasure in its hands.


Is there any other obvious outcome to this? I chased the monkey but hey, it’s a monkey and I was running on sand.


The monkey joined the rest of the pack and I lost sight of all of them.

I came back to my friend and found out the damage done.


I had the last laugh after all. I hope the monkeys enjoy getting high on coke. That is, if they can figure out how to get it opened. πŸ™‚

Lesson learnt: Don’t leave your belongings unattended on a beach when there are monkeys around. You can never get between a monkey and their food. NEVER.Β 

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