Don’t Forget…


This post is a shout out to a good friend of mine who is traveling to Hong Kong to spend her birthday there on Saturday. To survive Hong Kong, don’t forget….

Don’t forget to shop till you drop,

Don’t forget to eat to your hearts content (just don’t send me the photos to tempt me, I’ll put on weight just looking at it),

Don’t forget to queue when necessary (and to ignore your principles when no one else does),

Don’t forget to look up at the stars (literally and figuratively),

Don’t forget to push instead of being pushed around,

Don’t forget your layers (although HK is similar to Singapore, its winter is nothing like Singapore’s rainy season)

Don’t forget to get lost among all the people there (so that your special one can hopefully find you),

Don’t forget to have fun in a foreign land (even though you are getting older and not younger),

Don’t forget to buy me a souvenir (but not if it’s a tacky one, I tend to lose those on purpose),

And lastly, don’t forget I’m wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY where the whole world can read it (so that you can get embarrassed and not untag yourself from the post in Facebook instead)

You know who you are. 🙂

One thought on “Don’t Forget…

  1. Many thanks Sharifah 🙂
    Haha I’ll look out for nice (& not too tacky cheena-ish) souvenir/keepsake for you & C when I’m there! Hope you have a great weekend yourself (:

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