A Burst of Spontaneity…Salsa Dancing?

cuban-salsaMeeting Shari was like a breath of fresh air to me. She arrived at the hostel room one night when I was getting ready to turn in for an early night as I was feeling slightly unwell.

We immediately hit it off and I discovered that she was in central Sydney (she was staying in Manly then) for just one night to go to a salsa bar.

A salsa bar? I asked her. Whatever do you do there? And she laughed and told me that she’s a salsa teacher on holiday from Belgium for a month. She was feeling restless going without dancing for so long and was desperate to get to a salsa bar.

And she invited me along.

Just like that, after talking and getting to know each other for only about half and hour.

I hesitated. Primarily because I don’t know salsa and it’s also a bit unnerving to go to a salsa bar when you don’t know how to dance salsa.

She just laughed it off and told me not to worry, there are people who are willing to teach me there.

Still hesitating. And then I thought to myself, what would I have got to lose by taking this chance?

And I went. AND I LOVED IT.

I stumbled, fumbled and shuffled. But I had fun!

The whole dance floor was filled with couples dancing beautifully and expertly that I felt intimidated at first. I didn’t get to dance as much as Shari – there wasn’t a lot of dancers who were willing to take on a beginner. I was grateful, though, there were still beginner male dancers who didn’t mind my lack of experience much. I loved the twirling parts the best and I would get my dance partner to keep turning me.

At the end of 2 hours, I was sweaty and tired but I HAD FUN!! It was the most awesome spontaneous fun that I ever had experience. I was glad I said yes. 🙂

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