Naughty Hands


Hmm, where to next??

Opened my e-mail account as usual. Oh, I see an e-mail from the airline. Clicked it open – hmm, offer to Auckland.

My hands moved to click it open.


Checked the dates.

Hands clicked it open.


Hands moved to check timing.

Click, click, click.

Page comes up.


Conscience knocks hand aside and clicked it closed.

Goes off to corner to cry.

I’ve got it so bad, I’ll have to ban myself from reading more travel stories from here.

7 thoughts on “Naughty Hands

      • Haha…sometimes that is not enough to stop me…I’ve always been do first and then cry about the lack of money. Which is why my voice of reason has always been my friends first but……..sometimes I can be pretty stubborn as well. My friends know me for being impulsive…haha..:)


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