10 Travel Tips for the Clueless

Travel Tips

Take the leap of faith into the unknown (Photo: Roberto Ventre @Flickr)

1. Rules are meant to be broken. Just don’t get arrested for it or at least found out to be arrested.

2. Make up your own rules. Sensibly of course. No one knows you when you are overseas!!

3. Look out for a rainbow to find the pot of treasures at the end. You’ll learn a thing or two along the way.


What’s at the end of the rainbow?? (Photo: Andrew Dunn @Wikipedia)

4. No maps! Be spontaneous!

5. Never rule out a nap, especially after stuffing yourself with glorious local food.

6. Whenever you want to say no, say yes instead.

7. If you think that guy is up to no good, he probably is.

8. Smile and initiate a conversation. Everyone always seems to wait for someone to start first.

9. Make friends but not babies, erm…unless you want to.

10. If the beach is calling you, please answer.


Please pick up to answer…(Photo: Wildxplorer @Flickr)

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